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Lightning Strike

On 3rd June 1777, several neighbours congregated around a metal fence to see a horse which a preacher in Framingham was interested in purchasing. Peter Parker was riding the horse when a cloud appeared releasing several raindrops. 261 more words


God continues to reach into the graves we dig for ourselves and pull us out, giving us new life, in ways both dramatic and small. – Pastrix, Nadia Bolz-Weber

Book Quotes

Memorial Day - Flowers for the Graves

We are the benefactors of true wealth – family love and beautiful memories.

For as long as I can remember, just before Memorial Day, my mother, her twin sister, and their younger sister, loaded the van with flowers and drove a three hundred mile loop around central and western Oklahoma to lay flowers upon the graves of many of our relatives. 183 more words

Going Out

“We going out today Mabel?”

“Don’t think so George. I’ve had a quick peek up above and there was quite a frost last night. Looks like winter is on its way. 87 more words

Flash Fiction


As expected a skeleton is symbolic of death, decay, life’s brevity and mortality. It is represented in many forms.

Under the sod, and the dew, awaiting judgment day. 21 more words


In The End. . .

. . .  when all is said and done,

This  reminds me of a variation of a popular bumper sticker from the 1980’s:  “He who dies with the most toys, . 15 more words