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In Remembrance of the 1,129

Again, the artist’s graveyard fills the lawn
headstones in colors of
blood, sorrow, fear, and tears.
Eighteen more than the year before.
Eighteen more lives lost to despair. 141 more words


Bidaa'h of gathering after fourty days to pray for the deceased

Praise to be Almighty

What happens in some Muslim countries – where the friends and relatives of the deceased gather after 40 days to read Qur’aan, make du’aa’ for him and remember him – is undoubtedly bid’ah (reprehensible innovation) for which no authority has been revealed by… 87 more words


IV. Safe in Their Alabaster Chambers


Safe in their alabaster chambers,
Untouched by morning and untouched by noon,
Sleep the meek members of the resurrection,
But I’ll dig them up real soon. 65 more words

Emily Dickinson

I Grew Up Next Door To a Cemetery

This post appeared on Write Blog Connect several months ago, but I thought I’d share it here to give my readers some insight as to why I love writing about the paranormal. 604 more words


PMA competes in the PSA tournament at UCSD

On Saturday the PMA sent its younger students to compete at the annual Pacific Southwest Association AAU tournament at UCSD. This is a very good quality tournament and serves as a qualifier for those intending to compete later in the summer in the national championships of AAU or Amateur Athletic Union. 318 more words

Fellowship and Gratitude

“The Brownes of Bendarroch were one of those families who lived to help other people, and the good work they did for our village can never be properly estimated…” 319 more words