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A Tale of Two Gracies

“The stars shall fade away, the sun himself grow dim with age, and nature sink in years; but thou shalt flourish in immortal youth…”

– Joseph Addison… 443 more words


What's in a Date? Or, Barbados Time.

Washington had a hard time reckoning time while he was on Barbados. Many of the dates he listed in his diary are off—and not even in a single predictable way as if he had miscounted by a day or two and pushed the error forwards. 1,394 more words

George Washington

Cheap Chinese Flowers On Our Family Graves

I do not know what possesses Americans to run out and buy all those gaudy little prefabricated plastic-looking artificial flowers from China and elsewhere and put them on family graves as memorials. 149 more words

General Interest


I’ve always had a sense of curiosity about the sinking of the Titanic, partly because my birthday is notable for being on the same day – if not the same date – as the fatal collision with the iceberg. 44 more words


Rodrigo Duterte Cried At The Graves Of His Parents After Finding Out That He Was Leading The Elections! Must See!

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Ever since the partial and unofficial counts of the votes from different parts of the world came to the transparency system of COMELEC, Duterte has been leading the presidential battle. 9 more words

Magdalene name finally added to headstone

The Good Shepherd Order has added another name to a headstone for a mass Magdalene grave, more than a quarter of a century after the woman’s death. 625 more words

Religious order amends headstone after Magdalene burial duplication

After I published a story on the fact that the Order had listed women being buried in two different locations, the headstone was amended. I asked if they informed relatives. 426 more words