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The Grave-Site

Quietly he dusts the dirt from the stone
Then places the empty chair
His ancient knees creak as he slowly stands
Wipes his hands on creased pants… 58 more words

(c) 2015 Deborah Blount

A Grave Message

Snatching at the paintwork,

Ripping at the seams,

Clutching at the threads,

Of long, forgotten dreams.

You stand beneath the archway,

With letters in your hand, 35 more words

A Soldier who Died by Drinking Small Beer

In the graveyard at Winchester Cathedral, Hampshire, stands a unique gravestone to a Hampshire soldier. The soldier, according to his tombstone, died by drinking small beer when he was hot in the year 1764. 253 more words

The end...

Morbid I know, but for all of our pretensions, ambitions and conceits, this is where we all end up. Graveyards are full of people who thought they were indispensable until they finally graduated from the university of life… 7 more words


Lifting Water

upon earth filled lightning
overflowing mouth


or a mere shell




soaked bullets

stick water to a false ship

marrow-trees form
wave bristling… 448 more words

Agatha Christie's Grave, Cholsey, UK

I’m stalking dead authors again!

Now I’ll hold up my hands and admit I’ve never read any of Christie’s books but I’m very aware of her contribution to literature. 254 more words


In Honored Repose

I do not know why the graves of veterans of wars so move me.  Perhaps it is because I never served and I feel guilty about that.   531 more words

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