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Spoiler Room - Misery & The Graveyard Shift

Just before Halloween, I participated in the Spoiler Room Podcast’s discussion on two movies that came out in 1990 based on two of Stephen King’s stories. 79 more words


Mood: Meh

I don’t really want to be working the 11pm to 7am shift tonight but I am doing the rest of the team a favour since the night manager has been doing training after his last night’s shift. 73 more words

The Diary Entries

Comics review: Batman: Graveyard Shift

Volume 6 of the Snyder/Capullo New 52 run is an anthology that covers different points in the 5 years or so that Batman has existed in the modern version of the mythology. 134 more words


Remake This! Graveyard Shift

Welcome to Remake This!, a series where we look at past movies and not only propose they be remade, but suggest how to remake them. 1,901 more words

CoS Exclusive Features

Diary of a Night Owl: What you don't know we're doing all night long.

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who stand up in the kitchen until 2 AM, leaning against the counter, snacking and reading … and those who don’t. 965 more words


The Amazing Race - Lactation Break Edition

My job entails yearning for the break schedule to finally come along. It’s a time to give those jaws some rest from smiling and talking and my fingers from pressing the keyboard this and that and all of that and my ears, from everything I do not want to hear. 667 more words


Graveyard shift

The thing with working night shifts is that not only do the clients of the hotel think that I’m a simple minded knuckle head, my employers think that I have time to do all the shit they can’t be bothered to do. 69 more words