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The Girl and the Graveyard

I aim for home between the rubble and the dust,

Somewhere hidden underneath those messy layers

My clothes and shoes and regrets, laid bare and dirty… 49 more words


The Witch

There was a zombie apocalypse. I was living in a fenced in basketball court with a few other people.

A witch came up to the fence and started clawing at it. 209 more words

The Madcap Cousins

A couple of years ago a branch of my family had a reunion.  You see, that side of the family had been estranged since my childhood.   350 more words


Forest Frightful (Part 3)

The sun is starting to fall before Eugene sees anything other than trees and grass. Or rather, it is at this point that he starts to see nothing, as a thick fog creeps up from all around, and before he knows it envelops him in its damp embrace. 1,498 more words


Winona Cemetery

There isn’t much at Winona these days; a couple old buildings, some houses and a few grain elevators are about the extent of it. Well, except the little graveyard just outside of town. 358 more words


'The dead centre of town'

When I lived in Ferntree Gully with my parents, my dad made the same joke a number of times when we passed the cemetary. ‘It’s the dead centre of town!’ I can remember being in the car with one of my cousins when we passed a cemetery and he made the same joke. 133 more words


Poem #20 - Little Town of Ether

You don’t have to open a book to plunge into the history of our state. Try visiting a little town like Ether. Although they often fell victim to North Carolina’s all-too-brief gold rush or the decline of our textile mills, these little communities are coping in their own way. 213 more words