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Hello sages,

I think it’s time for some more photos. I haven’t touched these ones up yet but I’ll put an update later for that. Anyways here’s some shots I took the other day

Awesome Artwork

New Design - Cemetery in Autmn Photograph

It’s an experiment day today for new item! I took this photograph recently, and loved the way it came out. And, you know, my friends on Facebook seemed to like it, too. 62 more words

Gravestone #2, Less Successful

This is done in charcoal pencil, and I am less than happy with this sketch, but I’m not sure why – is it the proportions? The shading? 65 more words


Grave Warning

If you be brave, pass through this gate
but be forewarned there death awaits.
On this dark night, old headstones glow.
Bones shift and stir in graves below. 58 more words


Spooky Gravestones for Halloween - Week 8

Although Halloween isn’t until next Monday, and Sunday is my new theme day, it makes much more sense to me to lead up to a holiday than to follow it after it’s over. 323 more words


43/52 An Autumn Walk

Apologies for more autumnal pictures, but the season is so full of colour and interest that I couldn’t resist posting these from a lovely walk we did the other day. 171 more words

Week 3: I'll kick you

On the morning of Thursday the 6th, we switched from Cluedo to scrabble. Michael, Puck, Cat and I played 3 rounds after breakfast. So we played 3 rounds mid day because we usually don’t eat breakfast until after 11:30 when they are done cleaning the kitchen. 8,668 more words