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Aleksandr, Sandarmokh, Karelia, Russia

Deep in the Karelian woods there is a small tract of forest with colourful fake flowers and dozens of enameled portraits on the trees. At Sandarmokh more than 10 000 people were executed and buried at 1930s, some from the small Karelian villages and some from the huge Belomorkanal labour camp nearby. 56 more words


Butthole Surfers - Graveyard

The second track called ‘Graveyard’ on their 1987 beast of an album, beautifully titled ‘Locust Abortion Technician’. This is much livelier than the 1st version; which sounds like it was recorded on Benzodiazepines. 19 more words


Lafayette No. 2

This is inspired. By this year. 2016. Soon to come to an end.

I’m not even going to list the things that happened this year. Most of them were bad. 217 more words

Ray Laskowitz

FG/MH Graveyard

When I played with Byakhee Jim, he fished out an old Graveyard I’d made for Mordheim, on the grounds he was hoping to raise a Zombie and thus was in keeping with his character’s background. 192 more words


Patrick Wagner 'Graveyard Print Series' - Cornerstone Gallery, Liverpool 2016

One of the many perks of studying in my university is that they often have exhibitions, inviting worldwide artists in and allowing both the public and the students to meet the artists and see their work. 296 more words

Mr. Curiosity and the everlasting life ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

Is life end by death? I asked my fellow gossipmonger friend. He answered me smiley, “last night I was in dream and seeing me in the coffin under the deep graveyard. 764 more words