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They are just statue gardens;

The same stone stillness,

The same slabs & curves –

But people feel less welcomed in

The roofless bedroom of the dead. 144 more words


World's Strangest Customs

In Rome, mourners connect pipes to the graves. They feed honey, and wine to their deceased ancestors. 


Past and Present in Hatfield Broadoak

The closest thing we have to a family tradition apart from Christmas and, erm, Eurovision, is the Hatfield Broadoak May Bank Holiday fete. For my husband, the attraction is the 10k run twice round the village. 669 more words

Historical Sites

Death Salon Boston 2018 - An Inconvenient Corpse

If you’re following my research because you’re extra-interested in death and dying, there is a good chance that you already know about the Order of the Good Death. 577 more words


graveyards tell stories
age, size, inscriptions, flowers
love and duty carved


In The Churchyard Today

In the churchyard today
Through the play
Of light and shade
I my shadow made.

When I go away
Will my shadow stay
Behind for people to see… 16 more words