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Role-Playing Quests/Writing Prompts #16

You fall, and find yourself inside a strange underground city, known as the City Within the Catacombs. It’s filled with criminals, rogues, thieves, bandits, etc.


Autumn And Gravestones

Now that there is six inches of fresh snow on the ground and the trees are bare and the world outside our picture window is monochromatic, I can admit that I miss the late summer, the coolness of autumn days and the color of the trees. 309 more words


Small towns in Nevada and Graveyard musings.

This week when I was driving from Utah to California I took my time and made a few stops. A good part of my drive was thru the state of Nevada .Nevada is full of small , interesting towns,  “living ghost towns” and empty ghost towns, old mines, etc. 879 more words

Role-Playing Quest/Writing Prompt #10

The graveyard at the end of town has become flooded, causing body parts to emerge. This has attracted some unpleasant creatures. Find them, and destroy them.



There is beauty
and there is decay,
they are gardeners of the same plot,
seeking sustenance from the same sun,
shade from the same soil, 58 more words


A Knoxville Fall Weekend

Remember summer?  It seems so long ago! Not the hot part–that lasted well into October here–but the not-being-in-school-and-having-daily-adventures part, which ended for us in early August. 607 more words