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Mapping the LIGO Scientific Collaborations


“We live in an era where some huge discoveries are really the result of giant collaborations, with major contributions coming from very large numbers of people.
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Museum of Flight and LIGO

On March 13 Night Lights co-host Bruce Fryer and I teamed up with Eastlink/Coast Cable crew Steve Sleep and Brittany Broderson and drove down to the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field in Seattle to capture some footage for the 4th season of our Centre’s Night Lights program. 409 more words


Mileva Marić: La scienziata che sposò Albert Einstein.

Le onde gravitazionali, previste come conseguenza della teoria di relatività generale, sono diventate un modo nuovo per guardare e comprendere l’universo. Il Nobel 2017, assegnato a tre scienziati del progetto LIGO, è solo l’ultimo dei tantissimi riconoscimenti che, anche se indirettamente, celebrano il genio di Einstein. 514 more words


When testing gravity, no news is good news

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Gravitational Waves and American Space Program

These are fundamentals of any space Program for United States of America, the conglomerate that has exclusivities from Semi Conductors to Space X and Tesla cars shall forever be in Canada. 645 more words


Detection of Gravitational Waves and The Abduction of Black Holes

Everyone knows by now about the LIGO announcement regarding the detection of gravitational waves. However, some things must be clarified about the relation of the detection to claims of a test of the theory of general relativity and about the way the media has presented this to the general public. 1,346 more words

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