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Revealing fact or reinforcing faith: Gravitational waves and religion in Indian society

Whenever scientists achieve a breakthrough in understanding the fundamental laws of nature, it is often accompanied by an age-old question: has science nailed its final nail on the coffin of religion? 2,514 more words


This Mind-Bending Theory Joins Black Holes, Gravitational Waves & Axions to Find New Physics

We haven’t seen physicists this excited for a while.

Scientists have proposed a new theory that combines some of the most mysterious phenomena in the Universe – black holes, gravitational waves, and axions – to solve one of the most confounding problems in modern physics. 914 more words


Ligo's next trick? Finally hunting down dark matter

The particles making up dark matter could be identified through gravitational waves, according to a recent study.

The research, led by Asimina Arvanitaki at the Perimeter Institute and colleagues from Stanford and NYU, says the question about what the Universe is made of could be answered by using the… 30 more words



Kimani woke up at 4.01am. He scrambled to the bathroom and threw up over the toilet seat before he could lift it up. He retched again, tried to lift the seat, failed, and sprayed the yellow spew on his hands. 6,275 more words