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"Magnetism, you recall from physics class, is a powerful force that causes certain items to be attracted to refrigerators"*...

Of all the environmental amenities that this hospitable planet provides, the magnetic field is perhaps the strangest and least appreciated. It has existed for more than three and a half billion years but fluctuates daily.

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Ngari No. 1

I bet that you don’t know what Ngari is. Of course, if you haven’t heard of Ngari, you probably have no idea what Ngari No. 1 and Ngari No.2 are. 500 more words


Gravitational Waves

Up until about two years ago, gravitational waves were rarely discussed outside of the scientists who based their careers on its discovery. To the public, the entire phenomena was unknown. 270 more words


The Chirp Heard Round the World: How Scientists Confirmed the LIGO Detection

It’s been a year since researchers with the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) announced the first direct observations of gravitational waves, the oscillations in the fabric of space and time created by powerful cosmic events—like the merging of two massive black holes. 259 more words


Pulsed Gravitational Waves

by Timothy J. Walton.

Applying techniques from classical electrodynamics to generate new gravitational wave perturbations

I must begin with a confession: I don’t view myself as a gravitational physicist. 870 more words


LIGO and lambda and photons, oh my!

I was walking my daily constitutional when Al waved me into his coffee shop.  “Sy, he’s at it again with the paper napkins.  Do something!” 686 more words

The Detection of Gravitational Waves, a year on

It’s one year since the LIGO collaboration (LSC) announced the first direct detection of gravitational waves. On that day last February I remembered being very excited. 959 more words