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From COSMOS: "Einstein's gravitational waves remain elusive"


5 Oct 2015
Alan Duffy

Could the cataclysmic coming-together of two black holes produce fewer ripples in spacetime than we thought?

The cosmic do-si-do of two… 949 more words

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Has giant LIGO experiment seen gravitational waves?

An improbable rumour has started that the observatory has already made a discovery — but even if true, the signal could be a drill.

On 25 September, a sensational rumour… 1,144 more words


From ESA: "If our eyes could see gravitational waves"

European Space Agency


This image is from a simulation of two black holes merging and the resulting emission of gravitational radiation, published by NASA in 2012. 600 more words

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Advanced LIGO: O1 is here!

The first observing run (O1) of Advanced LIGO began just over a week ago. We officially started at 4 pm British Summer Time, Friday 18 September… 959 more words

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From CSIRO: "Eleven year cosmic search leads to black hole rethink"

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

One hundred years since [Albert] Einstein proposed gravitational waves as part of his general theory of relativity, an 11-year search performed with CSIRO’s Parkes telescope has shown that an expected background of waves is missing, casting doubt on our understanding of galaxies and black holes. 670 more words

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From AAS NOVA: "What X-Shaped Sources Tell Us About Gravitational Waves"

Amercan Astronomical Society

18 September 2015
Susanna Kohler

The 100 X-shaped radio source candidates from the NRAO FIRST survey (click to see all). A new study examines whether such sources are caused by the reorientation of black holes when two galaxies merge. 501 more words

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From Caltech: "Advanced LIGO to Begin Operations"


Rod Pyle

An Advanced LIGO optic that senses gravitational waves. About half of the 100 pound cylindrical optic can be seen. The green light comes from a laser used to help bring the system into an operational state. 897 more words

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