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Virtual Reality Tour of the Universe

You’ve heard about the big bang and black holes, but have you ever dreamed about walking towards them and feeling the revolution of the universe? If your answer is yes, then you must come to this year’s AstroLight festival and take a Virtual Reality (VR) tour of the universe! 305 more words


Quantum Love

When your words are bending space, Cracking ribs like autumn leaves,
You will recognize her pace –
Quantum love discretely leaves.

She stayed here a certain time… 111 more words


How Do You ‘Listen’ to Gravitational Waves?

The discovery of gravitational waves in 2015 was a huge breakthrough in the fields of physics and astronomy. But how were they detected? Dr Letizia Sammut from the… 375 more words


You are matter. You move. All throughout your life you make a gravitational wave. Every move, every choice you make all throughout your life is making a gravitational wave propagating away from you at the speed of light and long after your gone, that imprint you made in the universe will exist.

Kelly Holley-Bockelmann


Quote of Week // 37th Week

Albert Einstein, arguably one of the most intelligent humans in history, was born in Germany, 1879. Famous for his many scientific works, including gravitation in physics, gravitational waves, the photoelectric effect, and his mass-energy equivalence formula. 327 more words

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Hints of Extra Dimensions in Gravitational Waves

Hints of Extra Dimensions in Gravitational Waves?[1]

Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute/AEI) in Potsdam found that hidden dimensions – as predicted by string theory – could influence gravitational waves. 394 more words


Focus on bimetric theory

It goes without saying that finding answers to questions raised by the Standard Model and General Relativity remains a huge part of theoretical physics. Recent developments in bimetric theory… 418 more words

Journal Of Physics A: Mathematical And Theoretical