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Mellin Diagrams in Ballooning Spacetimes

The morning session was the third of the bootstrap lectures, this time given by Apratim Kaviraj from CHEP-IISc. He first gave a glimpse of how conformal bootstrap is solved numerically, later giving a quick intro into the idea behind Mellin bootstrap. 2,406 more words

Brane Theory

Brane theory is part of a larger theory called string theory, which attempts to explain how all the forces and particles we see fit into one single description.

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Gravitational waves are ripples in the space time curvature traveling outward from the source produced by violent events such as collision of 2 black holes or by supernova explosion. 346 more words

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Gravitational Waves

Gravitational Waves[1]

The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, or LIGO, launched the era of gravitational wave astronomy in February 2016 with the announcement of a collision between two black holes observed in September 2015. 361 more words

Gravitational Waves

The STFC 'Breadth of Programme' Exercise

I suddenly realized this morning that I there was a bit of community service I meant to do when I got back from vacations, namely to pass on to astronomers and particle physicists a… 288 more words

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European Gravitational Wave Observatory Gets Thumbs Up From Report

A major European report looking at a $1 billionproposal to build a space-based gravitational wave observatory has concluded that the idea is more than just feasible;its development should be accelerated to make the most of this exciting new area of astronomy as soon as possible. The announcement

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Revealing fact or reinforcing faith: Gravitational waves and religion in Indian society

Whenever scientists achieve a breakthrough in understanding the fundamental laws of nature, it is often accompanied by an age-old question: has science nailed its final nail on the coffin of religion? 2,514 more words