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Defying Gravity...

Ok, if you have a weak stomach or have just eaten a McDonald’s chicken sandwich…may wanna stop reading here…

A while ago a spider passed away on my ceiling.   333 more words


Have I Killed My Nan?

Nan’s body was pinned against the living room wall, impaled.

Amongst the carnage that had just happened,  she appeared to be motionless.

What had I done? 1,201 more words


Hair-Raising Ride

Hair-Raising Ride”, an article written by Sara Goudarzi for scienceworld.scholastic.com, is a great resource for anyone looking to reinforce a lesson that is about physics.  85 more words

Energy, Motion And Forces

The science of it all

She liked how he held her down on to the ground.
And he liked everything that could defy gravity.
He knew she could, even while wanting to stay on ground. 22 more words


Ducksters - Electricity for Kids

Ducksters is an engaging and interactive way for both students and teachers to learn about electricity. The website begins with an overview on electricity and then goes into specific details regarding the many aspects about electricity. 74 more words

Energy, Motion And Forces

Love and Gravity (My Late VDAY Post)


It was killing me all week – not being able to write a Valentine’s Day post! And it isn’t because I didn’t try. 493 more words


The Three Body Problem

The Three Body Problem is also an excellent sci-fi book by Cixin Liu.  I’m now reading the second book in the series, The Dark Forest. Very cool speculation on what would really happen if we made first contact with an advanced alien civilization. 20 more words

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