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Leo Cluster & Abel 2744 In Coma

320million light years away in a place you can find me As a Leo heavy in dark matter I bend light here and sometimes

When my gravity is dense enough… 36 more words

Gravity Block 8 - Eclipse

The Eclipse block of #GravityQuilt builds upon a previous block that had one Y seam. It looked hard at first, but I followed the instructions step by step and it just went together. 27 more words


Gravity Quilt Block 7 - Cosmic

Volunteering at a sewing conference means I don’t get to sew, except in my room after dinner. The Jaybird Gravity Quilt pattern is plotted out very well. 42 more words


Movie review: Gravity (2013) defies belief

Gravity     dir. Alfonso Cuaron

George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are lost in space and out of this world in this gripping, transcendental sci-fi thrill-ride. 337 more words


Piece of Diary in a Woman's life

How does it start, and how does it end. These are only two among millions and millions of questions that we, humans, ask ourselves, perhaps others, to try and understand the process of living. 688 more words


Strong nuclear force, gravity, virtual particles, strings and time

Strong nuclear force, gravity, virtual particles, strings and time

Nuclear force is also theoretically performed by a virtual particle

– There is no real change of particles, as this creates some obvious problems… 466 more words