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Beer 101: Alcohol Content

Ever wondered why you can drink so much Corona and never feel it, while one strong German lager knocks you out? The answer is in the numbers: the beers differ in their alcohol content. 328 more words



With time, I am starting to perceive peer pressure as the strongest force in the universe. It works so much like gravity: it is omni-present and we hardly take notice most of the times; we seamlessly and most often unknowingly adjust to it; and to overcome it we need strategy and energy and effort, and being present in the moment, in every moment. 93 more words

10 Extraordinary Films People Unfairly Love to Hate

It doesn’t matter to many that these films were revolutionary in the scope of filmmaking, nor does it impress people that these films were critically acclaimed and won numerous awards, sometimes winning Best Picture at the Academy Awards. 843 more words


5 Foot 4 Inches 2-19-2008

They say love feels like falling
And I’m in an epic battle with gravity
Trying to get to that feeling
But the ground is a mere 5 foot 4 inches… 228 more words