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July 5th in history:

July 5th seems to be a good day for new or unique things…

On July 5th, 1687, Isaac Newton published his “Principia Mathematica,” which contained his laws of motion and his theory of gravity. 100 more words

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Sometimes when sitting with friends or alone,

Gravity just changes and away I’m blown.

It starts with my head pulling me to the left,

Followed by my (above) average heft. 179 more words

Rhyming Story

12. Is Will stronger than Gravity?

Why is it that when we sleep or lose consciousness, we fall over?

Why do our heads, the heaviest part of our bodies, tower over our little, feeble looking feet? 57 more words


What If There Was No Gravity

What If There Was No Gravity

That your matric hat you threw into the air will just hang there and it won’t come down. You smile sheepishly as you look up at the hat and then down as people start staring at you and wondering what you’d do next. 755 more words


Take A Cinematic Journey Through The American Experience With These Films

The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate America’s independence, but it also gives us all the chance to remember the history and legacy of our great country. 955 more words



Gravity, I know you’re good for lots of things.
You keep me from flying
Off of this wonderful, marvelous Globe.

You’re also great for finding things. 76 more words

The Nuances of Your Words Are Like Gravity

What can’t be seen
Holds us down
What can’t be spoken
Is the weight in which we drown

I feel it haunting me
The only take away… 218 more words