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Maiju's Teacup 22/8/2017 - Gravity 

Those days are the worst. The days when gravity just grabs hold of me and even getting up to drink a glass of water seems like a Herculean task. 242 more words

Gravity visualized

One of my favorites – something I wish I had seen in school.

What an amazing way to visualize gravity!

Gravity visualized


Free fall in a vacuum chamber

Acceleration due to gravity is a constant and does not depend on mass of the object. Now that is not new to me but it still blew my mind to see it in action. 22 more words


Why 'Logan Lucky' isn't a box office flop... yet

With an attractive cast of well-known actors (Adam Driver, Channing Tatum, Daniel Craig, Katie Holmes), strong critical reviews, and its director’s four-year absence from the filmmaking arena, the stage was set for NASCAR-themed heist comedy  1,218 more words


Pent Sills

What stories are held inside a black hole?  Is information even stored inside or is it lost entirely in the quantum, slow-motion evaporation that occurs randomly at its boundary? 122 more words

How to wash your hair in outer space

It takes long enough to wash my own long hair down here on Earth, so kudos to Astronaut Karen Nyberg and her demonstration!