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Pendulum Choir

This incredible Choir is a piece that combines voices and hydraulic jacks. Together combined, they form a dynamic body that changes its expression through various positions and interactions. 178 more words


Chakra Energy 7

Part 7 How Consciousness forms a Black Hole

In physics the force of gravity is the force exerted by the gravitational field of a massive object on any body within the vicinity of its surface. 191 more words


love and the afterthought

when have you found Love?
its elusive shadow
will play games with your
heart, for ages and ages.

when have you found Love?
when there is pain. 101 more words

... Poetry ...


Ok, here we are, in our homes waiting for something big to appear. Humans  always thinks they are the almighty in the space, but let me tell you something, we are little, very little, a piece of dust in the Cosmos. 250 more words


Astronaut twins to be studied after one spends a year in space, comes back taller, older AND younger

By the time you read this, astronaut Scott Kelly will be in space, on his way to the International Space Station. By the time he gets back in 342 days, he will be both older and younger than his twin brother and fellow astronaut Mark. 426 more words


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Escape attempt (a poem)

Long day yesterday, so I ended up with just a few short poems. 40 more words


Interstellar ★★★★

As I walked out of the theatre on a cold dark winter’s evening I was unable to put to words what I had just witnessed. Admittedly I do have a very soft spot for Christopher Nolan. 631 more words