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Hafsah learns about...Gravity

Today’s lesson was very short and simple. Hafsah, what is gravity?

It’s the fact that I just fell out my chair, backwards.

It’s the Earth’s pull that makes us fall to the ground if we lean too far backwards, Hafsah.

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Baby Birds

Three Universal Ideas

Idea #1: everything expands

Spacetime is a 4-dimensional object that contains everything in the Universe. The Universe is expanding in all four dimensions of spacetime. Imagine it as a sphere with radius R equals to (1/k), with k>0 and k decreases over time. 905 more words



To hell, lovingly,
with gravity
as it claims one’s pulse
and vitals;
a precipitous plunge
into faith at
the far end
of a diminishing tunnel
pinched by light.
John Biscello

Family Sabbatical

I try to be open-minded when I learn about things that I don’t fully understand, but this most recent revelation, I simply cannot relate to on any level. 475 more words

Anti Gravity Cake Kit Kat 16 Cm

Anti Gravity Cake Kit Kat 16 Cm

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Editing fun times

I’ve been chipping away at the next chapter for Gravity this last week and a half and it’s a tough one.  I wanted to get an update out every week but this piece has a mind of it’s own.   358 more words


Living Lightly

The other day when I picked up my granddaughter from kindergarten, she told me that her teacher had taught them about ‘a powerful force that holds us to the earth.’ Her eyes were wide with Newtonian excitement. 496 more words