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The Geodesics of the Schwarzschild Metric – 4

For radial geodesics, the last conservation law in the previous post reduces to:

For null geodesics , we are free to rescale the affine parameter so that , and we obtain . 217 more words

Lecture Notes


Buddy check time.

We’ve had two youth suicides in one week here in Central Oregon.

When the mind is sinking into a story of its own demise, it’s a long long way to the bottom. 895 more words


I cry

Tears seldom fall straight to the ground
Gravity plays a strange game
by making them travel
from the corner of the eye
to the cheek… 52 more words


When I was little, I used to dream that I could fly.

Well, not fly,

but hover above the earth,

toes just skimming the carpet, 362 more words


Pick Pick Pick Pick Pickin'

One thing that has always surprised me is how little interest people take in plectrums, or, to be more accurate, how disdainful players can be about spending money on their picks. 1,222 more words


Think About It Thursday: What would life be like without gravity?

Hi scientists,

Welcome to our first “Think About It Thursday.” Take some time to think about this really cool part of science and how it affects our lives. 166 more words

Elementary Science

Sir Isaac Newton: Biggest Nerd In History

We all know Sir Isaac Newton was a huge nerd, but we never knew it was this bad. 169 more words