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The zero meridian, or something like it

This weekend I took my parents to visit the Greenwich Meridian – or did I?

The marked meridian on the site of Greenwich Observatory, where tourists line up to pose for silly pictures with one foot in the East and one foot in the West, has claimed to be zero degrees longtidude since 1884, but if you check your smart phone GPS on that spot, you’re NOT at exactly 0.000 degrees. 299 more words

Curiosities Of Nature

Did you know....?

Here’s an interesting factoid about Gravity; 

Einstein proposed in an inch long equation that “Gravity” doesn’t pull. Instead space pushes. “Gravity” is only the apparent effect of the bends in space. 19 more words


Why, oh why, is it so hard to change?

So you’ve made a commitment to change. Maybe you’re trying to drop something that’s not good for you, like eating junk food or smoking, or maybe you’re trying to add something positive to your life, like more exercise or a meditation practice. 1,117 more words

Safety is sexy, but some drivers are trolls

Trolls are no longer confined to bridges

No matter how careful you are – as a runner or a cyclist – when you are out on the road, you are literally at the mercy of others.   1,387 more words



Fortitude seemingly lurks beyond the fray
Celestial thoughts abound in starry wisps
Truths forgotten to misled, follied hope
The oceanic gravity of unforgiving tears wept…

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