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It was the light that held you from drowning. At the edge, you felt already immersed.

Shining, she divided you into two halves. One to remind you who you were. 41 more words


Equations Stripped: Newton's Law of Gravity

I strip back some of the most important equations in maths so that everyone can understand…

Newton’s Law of Gravity not only explained why apples fall to the ground, it also laid the foundations for modern-day physics by using equations to describe the world around us.



Feels like you and I traveled through an alternate universe over the course of 1,460 days and somewhere along the way I unlearned all that I knew to be true. 70 more words


28- Nate Leland

I watched the moon rise like she was forgetting
another lover every minute,
like tonight… she was finally
gonna make it,
gonna trampoline off clouds and find her way without… 348 more words


A Tribute To The Nobel Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physics, 2017, was awarded to Kip Thorne, Barry Barish, and Rainer Weiss, for the discovery of Gravitational Waves. The detection of Gravitational Waves was a tremendous achievement. 591 more words

Rolfing Revealed

Rolfing Revealed

Intensive bodywork technique grounded in gravity is gaining popularity.

February 03, 2010|By Lauren Viera | Tribune Newspapers


The effects of Rolfing didn’t really sink in until the day after my second session. 909 more words


WATCH: "Weightless" Action Sports Cinematography Done Right

Jean-Baptiste Chandelier is a wizard with paraglider and his latest edit has him defying gravity across the world. From the French Alps to the coast of South Africa, the Azores islands and the beaches of Brazil, Jean-Baptiste describes his flights like Peter Pan: 108 more words