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About flexibility training

A few words on my direct experience on flexibility trainings, that let me gain something like ten centimeters in one year.

When you work on flexibility, the day after you feel it in your bones, not in your muscles. 367 more words

Fitness And Yoga

グラビティ (Gravity) - よいしょ!わっしょい!グラビティ! (Yoisho! Wassho! Gravity!) Translation



Title: Let’s go! Come on! Gravity!

Sessessee no yoi yoi yoi!*

He’s “The Main Man” with a small body,

when he grips to the handle he says “Damn that’s dangerous!” 444 more words

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Icarus Drowned- A SciFi Short Story

Author’s Note:

The inspiration for this story came while writing a blog post over a year ago. After nearly a year of submissions, I was unable to find a home for this story in either pro or semi-pro markets. 8,093 more words



Would gravity prevent

a Christmas star from falling,

Or wise men from arriving

within the orbit of a birth

Which would yield meaning

for millions of years… 11 more words


A big shout out to Iron Realm Media for playing this song on their show.


Edge on Galaxy

NGC 1032. A perfectly edge on view of a giant spiral galaxy in the constellation Cetus, around 100 million light years away.

This beautiful image, ablaze with the light from over 100 billions suns, perfectly captures the thin aspect of large galactic discs.   212 more words



May 20


Stretching is not equivalent to change.  Limbering is nice and warms the muscles, body and soul.  Over-reaching, over-compensation is trauma; it distorts the symmetry and breeds erroneous thinking.  254 more words

12 Step Recovery