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The Fifth Force Of Nature

With you, may the force be.

There are four fundamental forces, which scientists haven’t been able to explain. Well they’ve tried a lot. Introducing particles smaller than can be practically observed ever. 526 more words


Centrifugal and centripetal forces

All these thoughts,
they are so massive,
that they begin
to distort my senses.

They become so heavy,
and begin
to attract each other.

Bouncing thoughts, 148 more words



Gravity heaves,
Lifts its head and stares

The glorious rapture

We transcend
It waits, and waits…

For the shortness of breath

As a rush of air fills our lungs… 58 more words


Car Parking & Road Closure

Of course, we need to close the road for a day of exciting Gravity racing, stalls and attractions on the Recreation Ground. So in case you are wondering how to get to the event or how you may be affected if you live in the village, here is some useful info. 109 more words

Event Updates

Falling Objects

This is one that stumps kids (and sometimes adults). Ask a kid which will hit the ground first, a heavy object or a light object. Most often, they will say a heavy object. 654 more words

Gravity Falls' "Summerween" Is An Excellent, Spooky Adventure

(Source: kotaku.com)

Lately, I’ve become enamored with cultural experiences associated with Summer—namely, the spookiness of ghost stories and myths, where wild imaginations help whittle away the hot days. 1,592 more words