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Overwatch's Zarya Translates Nicely Into Heroes Of The Storm

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The great thing about bringing Overwatch characters into Heroes of the Storm is that their shooter skills are perfect for Blizzard’s MOBA. 97 more words


The Squirrel Debate

Everyone is probably not talking about the Squirrel Debate. I am actually wondering if there is a squirrel debate. There probably isn’t. But what if there was? 389 more words

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Bad-luck and I gravitate each other.

-The Gypsy

The Particle Zoo

The weather is looking good, so it’s a perfect day to take a trip to the zoo. Which zoo, you ask? In preparation for the deeper exploration into… 495 more words

Titan's Atmosphere Is A Gas

One year ago I kicked off these weekly posts with some speculations about how Life might exist on Saturn’s moon Titan.  My surmises were based on reports from NASA’s Cassini-Huygens mission, plus some Physical Chemistry expectations for Titan’s frigid non-polar mix of liquid ethane and methane.  695 more words

the load

fifth time today… ya call me from work… gotta tell me how you think your boss is a jerk… c’mon babe… i don’t know what you want me to do… it’s startin’ to feel like a block & chain… like a massive deadweight packin’ years of pain… a three car garage and a die for mountain view… 293 more words