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Einstein was Right and Continues to Enlighten Understanding of Universe #physics #maths #science

I’m fascinated by cosmology and quantum physics. Although I don’t speak enough math to truly follow the science, I ran across a post that actually gives me an intuitive feel for Dark Energy – the almost mystical stuff that makes up a large part of the universe if we accept measurements of mass density wave-patterns. 221 more words

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When you’ve trudged, and pushed, and done all you can, take rest.

When you feel the muscles across the front of your body bracing for the next hit, let them melt back into softness. 114 more words



Boxers know, footwork is our foundation.

It doesn’t matter what you do if you do it with a faulty foundation. ¬†Your connection to the ground will dictate your flexibility, your force, your spacial judgement, your maneuverability, and overall efficacy. 252 more words

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“Without Trust, there is no Love”.


I’m in the fledgling stages of a new relationship. Well, an “on-again” relationship. You could say that my comet has come back into orbit. 335 more words


When Science and Simple Common Sense Part Company

It happens more often than most people may realise.

Here’s the most recent case i’ve been looking at.

We all know the moon is the main cause of our ocean tides – right? 1,070 more words