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#5 Did We Go to the Moon? The Van Allen Belt Mystery

James Van Allen Radiation Belts discovered in 1958

Radiation Primer here

A radiation belt is a layer of energetic charged particles that is held in place around a magnetized planet, such as the Earth, by the planet’s… 2,042 more words


109/180 Universal Gravitation

And there are some topics that we can’t do with an experiment. But using some assumptions (universally spherical planets) the students made good approximations for the acceleration of gravity on Mars,Venus , Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune. 13 more words


Gravity Of Love

The Moon loved the Ocean so; he came to her every nightfall, like a lover to his mistress, and thus they fall hopelessly into each other’s gravity. 684 more words


Sh*t Typical Men Do

If you care that much about big breasts, then go chase a pair and leave the small ones alone. It’s a free country! (Or so they say.) Just keep in mind, firmness is tentative.



Sheldan Nidle PAO Webinars - Planets, Gravity - Galactic Human

Sheldan Nidle PAO Webinar 58 Preview: Planets & Gravity

Sheldan Nidle PAO Webinar: Galactic Humans 101

Sheldan Nidle


Sheldan Nidle PAO Webinar: Galactic Humans 101… 11 more words

Sheldan Nidle

The Naked Eye

I am

The brightest of illumination unchained by gravity

Dare to reach me

To read me


Try to feel me

Until the end of time… 85 more words


#4 Does the Moon's Gravity Move our Oceans?

“When a mass is present in the above space-time it distorts it so that whilst it remains true that travellng through space causes you to travel through time, travellng through time now causes you to move (accelerate) through space. 

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