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The Stormwater Engineer

Image: Morely Ave, Roseberry. https://twitter.com/ONeillCam/status/447929706235449344

I had a long chat with Dave Grasby, an engineer from Sydney Water today. I took a bunch of notes some of which I put in bold on my note sheet. 281 more words



For someone who desperately tries not to fall in love

I have a heart that can’t resist gravity

Day after day I fall in love… 50 more words


My list of the most visually stunning movies of the 21st Century

Sometimes we are approached by some visually stunning movies for which the cinematography has to be applauded. It often remains that a ‘good movie’ has to have a plot/narrative that drives the audience into the lives of the characters that we have all come to love and know, but some times the tip of the icing relies on the visually pleasing aesthetic that the film holds. 827 more words

The Fifth Force Of Nature

With you, may the force be.

There are four fundamental forces, which scientists haven’t been able to explain. Well they’ve tried a lot. Introducing particles smaller than can be practically observed ever. 526 more words


Centrifugal and centripetal forces

All these thoughts,
they are so massive,
that they begin
to distort my senses.

They become so heavy,
and begin
to attract each other.

Bouncing thoughts, 148 more words



Gravity heaves,
Lifts its head and stares

The glorious rapture

We transcend
It waits, and waits…

For the shortness of breath

As a rush of air fills our lungs… 58 more words