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Astronomers built the largest map of "holes" in the universe to prove Einstein was right about gravity

Since its discovery in 2008, astronomers have been puzzled by a cosmic mystery so vexing that it has even led some to question whether the general theory of relativity— 1,076 more words

Gravity - Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)


A movie which relies more so on special effects than substance.

Trigger Warning(s): Jump Scare depicting body frozen to death

Review (with Spoilers)

I saw this film out of curiosity since it made over half a billion dollars, and since I don’t think I have seen a film about someone drifting, or stuck, in space since… 500 more words


Difficulty With Time

Maybe the title is a misnomer.  Maybe I do not want to write about time.  It does not exist to me.  Only the space that we float through.   158 more words

"Magnetic Hill", media and science

A short promotional video I came across yesterday claims that the Magnetic Hill in Ladakh, India generates a strong magnetic field that pulls cars, bikes or “anything made of metal” with their ignition off towards it. 1,481 more words


Fave women in film

Stupidly missed out Britney in Crossroads – duh.


(And actually on a more serious note I did forget Francis from Francis Ha!)


Blog: Storyboarding

8/10/16 – Storyboarding

In today’s lab we were discussing storyboarding. Having had a few lectures on the topic last academic year, we knew the basics and terminology around the subject, including different styles of shots, camera movements and zooms. 175 more words


A Solution to High-Energy Quantum Gravity: AdS/CFT + Quantum Error Correcting Code = ???!

I went to a talk given by Daniel Harlow at Stanford last Thursday (2016 Oct) on Emergent Locality and Gravity & Quantum Error Correction. He started from summarizing the existing attempts to  solve the short distance quantum gravity problem including string theory and the attempt to quantize the metric as a local field. 147 more words