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Tiny Travellers

They wanted to arrive on time for their class reunion.
It had been lightyears since they had last met.

Acrylic on canvas, 200x200mm

Space Tales

Gravity: Next level pulling power

Imagine doing something every single day of your life, something powerful and fundamental to the lives of everyone around you. Something so valuable the world simply could not exist without you. 1,023 more words


Are astronauts weightless? Einstein's happiest thought | Science4All 14

Finally, here was my first video on general relativity per se. And it starts with a basic but incredibly deep question: Are astronauts weightless? Pondering similar questions (there were no astronauts back then) would lead Einstein to the happiest thought of his life… and for good reasons. 44 more words


I read that astronauts are not weightless, they are just falling at the same speed as their spaceship. I don’t get it. Can you explain it?

Answered by Dr. Brian Tonks, Astronomy Professor, BYU-Idaho
It is true—astronauts are not weightless. Weight, as scientists use the term, refers to the gravitational attraction of a planet (or moon) for another object. 755 more words


Phobos is Falling Apart

Sorry Mars, but I wouldn’t get so used to having Phobos around for much longer. It has been discovered that Phobos, the smaller of Mars’ two moons, has long, thin “stretch marks” on it’s surface that indicate that it is falling apart. 240 more words