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A Live-Action Pokémon Movie is Coming Soon

I know it’s been awhile since my last post. Things have been a little slow since there hasn’t been anything that has really caught my attention at the movies recently and news has been a tad sluggish but that could change once Comic Con kicks off this weekend and I’m sure I’ll be blogging a lot by then. 515 more words

Gravity: Proof of God

I find it so odd that as a teen I knew so much more about life than I do at this moment.

At least I thought I knew everything about life. 664 more words


The Summer Moon

The moon rises
It hypnotises
And shakes off
It’s daytime disguises
Riding upon the turning tides
The warm evening air
And a thousand awestuck stares… 50 more words

Original Words

New Study Says San Andreas Fault Affected By Moon And Sun Like Ocean Tides

The San Andreas Fault line has been rocking this week with small tremors being felt up and down Central California, but a new study suggests the moon’s gravitational pull could be making things worse. 50 more words


In Orbit

Morning Thought: Our planet is sustained by its continual orbit around the sun. The sun supplies gravity, light and warmth, keeping us alive. In the same way, let your life daily revolve around Jesus. 71 more words

Morning Thought

Gravitational waves, a "new window to the universe"

The historic detection of elusive gravitational waves by scientists at the LIGO observatory in the United States has been described as an “ultimate testimony to human genius and ingenuity” 1,857 more words

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