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Shopping And Chowing Down Around The World

Hi ya fellow food fanatics and welcome to Fozziemum and Piglove’s Shopping Around the World.  Today we are going to make a dish which both mom and dad love.                                                                     267 more words

Monday Roast - Slow Cooked Brisket, Parsnip Mash and Red Wine Gravy

Like a night out that doesn’t end with an ill-advised trip to a chicken shop, a roast on a Monday just feels wrong. However, I did opt to eat this at the beginning of the week, rather than as the conclusion of my weekend, after my Sunday roast idea was panned in favour of a pizza. 618 more words

#10: The Shape of the Universe

Originally released 27th April 2013

We have reached double digits so in an attempt to shock and awe, Rhys attempts to explain the shape of the universe.


#9: Smells Like Dead Cat

Originally released 15th April 2013

Rhys struggles to grasp the concept of a thought experiment and Mia comes to terms with the fact that Ozzy Osborne is a mutant. 16 more words


Chicken Pot Pie

1 stick of butter
1/3 c flour
1 box of refrigerated pie shells (Pillsbury are nice and flaky)
1 small bag of frozen mixed vegetables… 130 more words




It was almost light when I struggled out of bed at silly o’clock this morning, a sure sign that summer is on its way. I’d not slept well, I felt like I’d been awake most of the night but in reality I’d probably woken up a few times during the night. 495 more words

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