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Crock Pot Twangy Herb Pork Loin

Love this crock pot dish.

Because it is VERY necessary to brown the pork before you put it in the crock pot, I do the cooking the night before and then put the whole crock pot, liquid and all, into the fridge overnight. 796 more words


The Last Jews of Natchez

Overdue in sharing this story, which I reported and produced for the Southern Foodways Alliance podcast “Gravy.”

There has been a Jewish community in Natchez, Mississippi for 175 years—and my family has been part of it for 160 of them. 52 more words

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I hope everyone had an enjoyable 4th of July! I did not cook all weekend, but we still ate delicious home cooked food. Friday afternoon my husband took us out to lunch. 643 more words


Karl’s Biscuits and Beef Jerky Gravy

More than forty years ago, I visited my second cousins in “Pleasant Valley,” Arizona. While I was there I had one of the most memorable meals of my life, biscuits and beef jerky gravy served with a side of fresh pinto beans. 1,058 more words


Brown Stew Chicken

Growing up in a Jamaican household, our everyday meals consisted of many traditional West Indians dishes. A typical breakfast would be ackee and saltfish with green banana, yellow yam, and dumplings. 398 more words


Egg Masala

This Egg masala is one of my family favourite. My mom used to make this quite often for me and my sister. We both like it a lot. 287 more words


Los Feliz Biscuits and Gravy: poblano and white cheddar biscuits with chorizo gravy

According to adage, breakfast is “the most important meal of the day,” and while the heavy, sweet or savory, sometimes grease-laden offerings that make up a truly excellent breakfast are some of my favorite meal options out there, if I eat them first thing in the morning I’m going to feel ill. 1,629 more words