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Photo Challenge: Cherry On Top

I was visiting with my parents in Tennessee when I heard what sounded like a cross between a newborn baby and a kitten. After finding the general vicinity of the sound, but never seeing who was making it, I listened a bit longer and then searched the internet to discover what made that intriguing call. 118 more words

Word/Concept/Phrase Prompt

Latest For the Birds column: Gray Catbirds' time to shine

Here’s the latest For the Birds column. Thanks for supporting http://www.BirdsofNewEngland.com

It’s a rare summer that goes by without me writing a column about catbirds. 467 more words

Backyard Birding

Attracting Fruit-eating Birds

There are many birds, such as waxwings, that have a frugivorous (strictly fruit-eating) diet.  The only time they usually expand their diet to include insects is during the breeding season, when growing hatchlings require high amounts of protein for proper development.  222 more words

Grabbing A Quick Bite

A pair of Cedar Waxwings and this Gray Catbird took turns dining on berries from the same tree.

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Image captured July 4 2016


Cat(bird)-One Word Photo Challenge

Catbird in Dogwood Tree

Gray Catbird

Gray Catbird at Feeder


Here is a cool Gray Catbird that comes to my backyard. It really does make a sound that sounds like a cat meow! 75 more words


Take a Walk

I took a walk with my camera today, not really intending to do any serious birding.

Foster Park’s resident Blue-gray Gnatcatchers were successful in their nesting attempts this year. 182 more words

The Raiser's Fledge

Not long out of the nest and probably not quite ready for full flight, this little Gray catbird fledgling was hopping from low branch to low branch. 14 more words