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Gray Catbird

My little friend in the back bird bath this week.

Florida Birds

White Hawks

The beautiful White Hawk (Pseudastur albicollis) is not a species that I expect to see here on the Turrialba Volcano slope. It’s a reasonably common species in the lowlands on both coasts but it needs mature forest and supposedly is rarely seen above 1200 m. 218 more words

Around Turrialba

Gray Catbird II

The Catbird is back again today and I am enjoying his presence!  

Florida Birds

Gray Catbird

The Catbird was not documented as breeding in Florida until 1973. The reason for this recent colonization of Florida is not known. The Catbird’s call sounds like a cat’s mewing. 23 more words

Florida Birds

Bad feather day?

Catbird not a morning person.

It was chilly this morning, but not full-on winter-fluff chilly. Maybe this bird is molting?

Songs of Summer

Sitting on the porch one summer weekend afternoon, I became conscious of a great cacophony emanating from high in the trees and deep in the bushes, but of the many creatures buzzing, chirping, trilling, squawking, screaming, and clattering away, none was visible.   1,490 more words