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Monarchs and other flying creatures

The Monarchs are back. I spotted the first on Flag Day (14 June) — a full 11 days later than my first spotting last year. It was in the lower meadow and took me by surprise when I flushed it. 598 more words

Northern Cardinals

For the Birds

Well it all started with a Baltimore Oriole for me (just last week).. and now I am hooked. We had a male Baltimore Oriole right outside of our window last week (looking at itself in the glass) that I had never seen before. 141 more words


from a nearby tree

from a nearby tree
a catbird sends waves of song
spilling to the ground

Have you ever heard a catbird? If so, you already know their song is unmistakable. 285 more words

Spiritual Formation

The Life of a Cardinal

Disclaimer: This is another post about yard birds. And the yard birds in question are cardinals.

Our yard has a Northern Cardinal nest in the bushes along the edge of our back yard. 682 more words

new arrivals and a mysterious departure

At some point last night under the cloak of darkness the neighborhood’s catbirds arrived to spend the summer muttering to themselves in the dense foliage. I came downstairs this morning to the welcome sound of their strange twittering cacophony. 247 more words


In a Costa Rican garden - today

Each day brings different species to my garden here on the slopes of the Turrialba Volcano. Rarities are scarce, yet there is always a variety of visitors. 482 more words

In My Patch