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Gray Catbird~~~

Here you can see this Gray Catbird’s rusty rump under his tail!


The Birds of Murfree Springs....or Some of Them!

It’s been a while since I visited one of my favorite local wildlife areas. Murfree Springs is a natural wetland that our city has added boardwalks and a few sidewalks where visitors can walk through and hopefully see some wildlife in their natural habitats. 127 more words


Early Summer Birds on the Farm

A couple of Grey Catbirds have been hanging around the feeders. They generally don’t feed except they do have a sweet tooth for the grape jelly I have out for the orioles. 199 more words

Bird Photography

Bird of the Week: Gray Catbird

Rather than a mew, you are likely to get a long recital of miscellaneous syllables from this mimic. They’ve been heard to imitate various mechanical noises and 44 other bird species. 62 more words


Summer Feast

The Only Time We Compete

This time of year is the only time we, the birds and us, compete for fruits in our garden.  We have wild cherry, ornamental cherry, white mulberry, wild raspberry, Golden raspberry, strawberry and blueberry on the property.   306 more words