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Bird of the Week: Gray Catbird

Rather than a mew, you are likely to get a long recital of miscellaneous syllables from this mimic. They’ve been heard to imitate various mechanical noises and 44 other bird species. 62 more words


Summer Feast

The Only Time We Compete

This time of year is the only time we, the birds and us, compete for fruits in our garden.  We have wild cherry, ornamental cherry, white mulberry, wild raspberry, Golden raspberry, strawberry and blueberry on the property.   306 more words


Dependable Dads

Ezekiel 31:6

We love gray catbirds in my home.  Just now I heard one singing in our backyard.  Our love for them has grown as they’ve shown their great curiosity about us.   309 more words

Stragglers in the City

Unexpected. There are reports of migrant warblers every now and then, here and there, but the warblers are, for all practical purposes, gone except for the few that stay to start families. 382 more words


Catbird went a courtin' (and Starling did too)

I heard a Gray Catbird (Dumetella carolinensis) singing even more vehemently than usual. Atop a neighbor’s shed, a male was singing, displaying and dancing to attract the eye of a nearby female.  202 more words

TERMITES FOR LUNCH (Gray Catbird and Lincoln Sparrow)

Termites are more than necessary; they’re actually appealing!

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This Week at Bear Creek: Summer's Door Opens - Baby Animals and Lots More Butterflies

June is the start of summer for me.  (I don’t wait for the equinox.) Courtship is complete and birds are nesting.  Young animals born in the early weeks of spring are old enough to begin exploring on their own.   1,395 more words

This Week At Bear Creek