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Snow Photography & The 18% Gray Factor

A landscape covered in fresh snow and not a single cloud in the bright sunny sky. I was completely helpless against the 18% gray factor but being fairly new to snow photography I decided to challenge it anyway, and needless to say, I lost. 34 more words


Undermålning porträttbeställning klar :) /Grisaille for portrait commission finished

Akryl på canvas, 40 x 50 cm, beställning/commission (SÅLD)

Detta är en grisaille, dvs. en målning helt i gråskala, som är avsedd att sedan “färgläggas” vilket jag har tänkt mig att hinna ikväll (med reservation för att vad som helst kan hända då vi har tre barn under 5 år ;) ) Den är redan torr, eftersom den är gjord i Akryl. 8 more words

how gray days are positive

You wake up to find the sun has been blotted out and thee entire world has turned to gray scale. You realize how wonderful it is not to have to the pressure of enjoying yourself in the summer weather on your back any longer. 37 more words

Positive Thinking

Using the Grey Scale in Fabric Evaluation

A recent addition to the spectro-guide’s list of color indices is the Grey Scale. The Grey Scale is one of the most important tools to evaluate… 481 more words



Written by Jacob Ibrag

A world so gray scale,

her eyes gave color to my existence.

Born into it.

Lifeless colors were the only things that made sense. 34 more words


Still Life Project, GOING DIGITAL

Hi everyone!

Lately I have been painting a still life of a vase for my digital painting class and I got to say this class isn’t that bad, Im actually getting the hang of it. 370 more words