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I took the pictures and as I opened my computer to write this post we had our first big BOOM!  I covered my ears and the dogs started barking.   89 more words


Sweet Light

“Light is sweet and it pleases the eyes to see the sun.”
Ecclesiastes 11:7.

Oh how we love the light after the bleak and after the dreary! 471 more words


Paris le moche

“Tu sait Karla, Paris en mars est moche!”

Wisdom from a nine year old to slip on a pair of rainboots and never go out without an umbrella because Paris in March is ugly! 27 more words


Photo of the Day - A Fortunate Rainbow

While I was out photographing my asparagus (see post), I looked up and thought the gray skies with the tree branches looked like a nice photo.   58 more words

Cee Neuner

Second snow day of the year

3 3/4 inches at our house, as of noon. No school means an extra day of prep for me and some outside time!

Sledding at the school!

Chez C

Untitled, original poem #98

it's another gloomy winter day
cold skies cloud my mind
 in vacillating stains
  of sluggish
   chemical gray

another fallow
 icebound day

with a pen that's dry
a notebook blank
& volumes left to say

Original Poetry

Rain Delayed 




To fuck or not to fuck

Cameras stare back in disgust

Lust visits and leaves and comes back again

Sin or friend… 102 more words