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Letter to be used in Washington State USFS Petition to Ban Grazing Allotments near Known or Discovered Wolf Dens

Good Morning, After many hundreds of pages of Research reading, we have put together the Letter of Basis to serve upon USFS at the Washington State Wolf Advisory Group meeting on March 29th. 27 more words

Ghosts of Gull Lake

Protect your spirit, for you are in the place where spirits get eaten.

-John Trudell

Went driving north

north of Pillager,

old lands of Hole-in-the-Day… 356 more words

Minnesota, Wisconsin and Wyoming have decided to eradicate wolves

“War on Wolves Act” Senators from Midwest and Wyoming introduce bill to strip protections from endangered gray wolves
Protect The Wolves® is asking all 52,000 of our Followers to Join in this fight. 33 more words

Help Protect The Wolves stop Wyoming-wolves could soon be shot on sight in Wyoming 

Protect The Wolves® asks you all to Join us https://continuetogive.com/protectthewolves to bring these crooked Politicians to court! We have the Grounds, we need your support. Please help us put a stop to Wyomings shoot on sight policy. 23 more words

Chronic wasting disease found in bull elk killed on private Utah ranch 

While Investigating on a separate Issue regarding the Corruption in the State of Idaho, we came across this matter. We are curious why it is that Taxpayers are being asked to bare the Burden of covering the failure to manage a healthy species by a Private Ranch in and transporting their Elk…Protect The Wolves® #CutOffUSDAWildlifeServicesFunding #EndangeredSpeciesList #GrayWolves #OpposeWelfareRanchingNotWolves #RestoreWolvesToESL #WolvesInTheNews http://protectthewolves.com/chronic-wasting-disease-found-in-bull-elk-killed-on-private-utah-ranch/

ENDANGERED SPECIES: GOP senators reintroduce bills cracking down on lawsuits, wolf policy 

Republican senators are supporting a series of bills that would make it harder for the Fish and Wildlife Service to resolve Endangered Species Act lawsuits and would force the agency to provide more information on proposed protections for Mexican wolves. 21 more words

Oregon ‘problem wolves’ proposal draws howls 

Same as Donny Martorello, calling the Profanity Peak Pack problem wolves… and they dont want problem wolves.

State officials call it a wildlife management tool, but critics say it’s wolf hunting by a different name. 23 more words