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A Dreary Day... my birthday...

Honestly, this is my favorite weather.

Here’s I am, the birthday girl, with a grey sky behind me.

The Verazanno Bridge… beautiful fog consuming the top. 13 more words



gray drifts
sweep the mountains
a cold veil


One Bedroom Apartment

Eggshell beige carpet sea
washed me up in boredom’s tide.
Rich sand, too fertile for neutral beach
in lieu fills the laminated hourglass. The
little grain, dripping down khaki-clouded hours



I wake up everyday

to my world of gray

just to pretend

that I’m ok…

Because, if I don’t

they’ll know I hide

all this darkness

deep inside.

© J.G.

Original Poetry

The Most Dangerous Woman ... the beta reader's comments

My beta reader likes The Most Dangerous Woman in the Galaxy. (Hoorah!) She has some comments to pass on, and when I receive them there may be some spelling corrections to put through. 23 more words