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Orange Buffalo Blood

This is post 3 of 6 of a series of poems and prose that Rara sent to be shared with the Stories community.  Next week we take a break from this series and will feature two posts that were submitted to be shared, and then we will resume this series the following week.  134 more words


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"An orange buffalo is a thing we are told exists, but doesn't." But what if we believe in that thing so fiercely, it becomes real to us? And then what if it stolen from us? What if it bleeds? What if it dies? Head over to Stories today and read Rara's adaptation of the recurring lines and themes from her husband's novel.


Our beloved and much missed blogging dinosaur, Rara, sent me the following words to share with the Stories That Must Not Die community.  I had planned on just posting them here for you all to consume as is, but considering I cried while typing them up, I figured I should probably warn you, before you read, her words are powerfully sad and explode with her pain and grief.  435 more words


RawrLove for Rara

We interrupt our regular programming (I know, I know, the programming hasn’t been regular for a while, I’m getting to that) to bring you this very important message……. 420 more words

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Rara will be out soon, but she'll need our help. Please go read this post by the wonderful Madame Weebles to find out more about one way you can give back to our dino-friend as she, literally, starts from scratch upon her release.

I just don't know.

“I don’t know.”

“I just don’t know.”

These phrases dominate her vocabulary at the moment.  I’ve talked to her on the phone twice and seen her in person once since she found out her husband died, and these expressions have become her default conversation starter and go-to silence filler. 786 more words


Dave's Service

I don’t have any words of my own yet…  I’m sure they will come, they almost always do.  But, until then, you can read what… 645 more words


Memorial Service Update

Rara will be there!

She’ll be shackle and handcuff free, but will still be in her prison blues.

So, if you are coming, to show support for her, wear blue.  25 more words


Memorial Service Details

Dave’s (Grayson Queen’s) service is going to be this coming Saturday (May 23, 2015) at the Corpus Christi Church in Corona, California at 10 AM PST. 63 more words


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This just breaks my heart. I'll share with everyone who follows Rara. The love will always be there. Always.