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as least it revolved

In 2014, I was selected for my second BlogHer Voices of the Year award nomination, but more importantly– my husband was nominated for his first!  Of course, that same month marked the beginning of my journey in jail.  2,137 more words


go ahead, clap your hands.

I finally held Dave’s death certificate on Monday night.  It shouldn’t have been a shock, but it was.

I flinched.
I cried.

It reminded me of the game my little brother loved: 767 more words


"coinage" - by grayson queen


written by grayson queen

So, you throw some change in your cup holder after you pay for your food at the drive-thru. You eat in your car on the way to wherever, and you finish. 1,014 more words



And then he died.

Without explanation.

Without her. 


While she was away.

It was kidney failure.
It was wife failure.  I am so sorry. 418 more words


on wind and vlogs

Just a little poetry reading:

Special thanks to Stories that Must Not Die for holding my words for me, before I could read them.

5 Questions answered, on the fly: 101 more words


Dear Mom

This was written by Grayson Queen in December of 2012, and posted to his blog.  You may remember it from there.  He was an artist, a writer, a blogger, a geek, a diabetic, a depression-sufferer, my husband, and billions of other things.   1,119 more words


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here's your hat, what's your hurry?

I know, I know– I just got back and I’m already sending you away?

The thing is, I did a little blogging while I was gone and I wanted you to check it out.  384 more words