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TDDH: Allied Feb II 42

As noted during the Japanese half of the turn, there are no more Allied reinforcements coming. All American reinforcements are going to north Australia, so they are immaterial. 1,906 more words


TDDH: Japanese Feb II 1942

I had not realized that I had slowed the pace of these posts to about once a month. I will try to pick up the pace. 1,719 more words


TDDH: Feb I 42: The Allies

I had to pull the original post because I made an error that changed the outcome of the turn and had to redo it. I’m sure there are a large number of people out there who believe I’m an idiot, and there is some credence to that thought. 1,552 more words


Glasgow Roller Derby: Next Level Bootcamp & Guest Coaching Available

Glasgow Roller Derby had an exciting year last year, and now we are looking to share our learning with other leagues!
We have lots on offer, both for leagues and for individual skaters. 186 more words


TDDH: Feb I 42: The Japanese

Up until now, I have not been keeping track of victory points based on units eliminated. Of course, I need to have this information, so I had to do a back check to find where the two sides stand, VP-wise. 1,814 more words


Described Sjunnhulte Grd

Twelve equestrians represented Sweden in 1924; Sweden was one of two nations (along with France) to send the maximum number of riders. It was the nation s third appearance in the sport. 157 more words


Orkesta Lundby Grd

Eleven divers, seven men and four women, represented Sweden in 1924. It was the nation s fourth appearance in the sport. Despite having 11 of the nation s 14 entries reach the finals (3 divers competed in two events apiece), Sweden finished without a gold medal for the first time in its Olympic diving history. 337 more words