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SoS Narvik, Turn 3 (April 16 - 19, 1940)

I have been very pressed for time this week, and this looks to continue into the next week.

Supply, or rather lack of it, has reached critical mass. 1,489 more words


SoS Narvik, Turn 2 (April 12 - 15, 1940)

I realized after I had started the German turn that I neglected to move the Norwegian trucks fleeing from Oslo during the exploitation phase. They are exposed, unprotected, and prime targets for an air assault. 1,928 more words


SoS Narvik: Turn 1 (April 8 - 11, 1940)

I was recently reminded of the conundrum that Alan and I were in regarding landing float planes in hexes that are interdicted by warships. It seems to me that any float plane that lands within reach of warships is a sitting duck while it unloads, yet the rules are silent in this regard. 2,425 more words


Narvik: More Changes

Rule Changes & Clarifications

The Swedish Supply Depot

I found the GDW Narvik rulebook that I (*cough* *cough*) misplaced. In the older version of Narvik, the German supply depot that appears in Sweden receives 4 MP and can move independently. 1,495 more words


Narvik: Storm over Scandinavia Style

I’m not sure what it is about Scandinavia that keeps drawing me back. It seems to me that more people like the Spanish civil war, the Russian front, North Africa or the Second Front more so than any other games. 1,328 more words

World War II

Lost Victories; The Battle of Stalingrad; Jan II 43 (Soviet) and beyond......

I’ve been debating on how best to handle this since it has been so long. When I last left off, there was only one Panzer corps surviving in the Stalingrad pocket. 1,331 more words