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Kitchen Safety Tip #1: Beware of Grease Fire (Fire Caused By Oil )

Kitchen Safety Tip #1: Beware Of Grease Fire (Fire Caused By Oil )

“Never put oil on the fire and walk away, monitor it; if over heated, it could lead to fire outbreak.” 310 more words

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How To Put Out Fire In A Pan

Experimenting new dishes in the kitchen can be exciting as long as you are aware of the safety rules. The scariest thing that can happen while cooking is your pan catching fire. 741 more words

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How To Live With A Grease Fire

A little over a month ago, a grease fire started in my kitchen. I woke up one morning, and it was just there. Apparently grease fires can still happen even if your stove is electric and you consistently post anti-grease fire articles on Twitter. 734 more words

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She Used To Know That

“What’s that smell…HOLY JEEZ, Grandma! The house is on fire!”

Flames climbed the wall engulfing a spice rack and threatening the ceiling.

“I put water on it!” 54 more words

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