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How To Solve Greasy Hair Problems.

My hair is the worst when it comes to oiliness and trying to manage it. I can hardly go a day without feeling the need to scrub it and it’s the worst feeling in the world. 600 more words


How to manage unruly skin- Skin care for different skin types

If your skin wouldn’t listen to you , you need to listen to your skin first! Identifying, why your skin wouldn’t respond to products that your friends vouch for, is because every skin type is different, be it either of the gender. 300 more words

Beauty Tips


Hii foodies and friends I’m back in Georgia and post grad life has officially started, I couldn’t be anymore excited for what life has to bring. 303 more words


Batiste Dryshampoo Tropical

Hii everyone!

I’m a girl with an oily problem: not only is my skin oily, but my hair get’s greasy very fast. Some say it is good for your scalp but I see it as something very negative. 760 more words


Hair loss? Greasy hair?

I had it too!

Although this may not apply to everyone, even if it just helps one person then it is worth me sharing my story. 823 more words

Lush's king of skin

Hey everybody!

Today i’ll be telling you about Lush’s body butter for under the shower King of skin!

As you can see in the picture King of Skin is a solid body lotion/butter to make your dry skin softer, smoother, and more flexible. 331 more words