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Acne to No Acne.. 10 Things that are causing your breakouts

  1. Not drinking enough water can be the culprit to a lot of blemish problems. Steer clear of soft drinks for sure!!
  2. Not washing your pillow cases every few days can have a dramatic effect on your skin.
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Blanket or Mountain

Q&A a Day: Are you seeking security or adventure? Both; I want to be secure in my body, choices, and finances; and adventurous with my body, mind, and choices. 131 more words


Thee DB3 “S/T”

Thee DB3 “S/T”

We were absolutely gutted when The Caezars came to a premature end. They were one of the few bands who were managing to bring the rockabilly sound right up to date. 222 more words

Album Review

4 Reasons Why Greasy Food is Unhealthy for you

We all have a guilty pleasure when it comes to food and they almost always seem to be some sort of greasy triple stacked burger monstrosity.. 48 more words


Do you have greasy winter hair?

Weirdly, our hair gets greasier in the winter. It sounds counterintuitive, since you’re sweating less – but here’s how it works: Outside winter air is drier, and our scalp secretes more oil to compensate. 26 more words

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The Greasy Strangler is Refreshing as it is Repulsive

The Greasy Strangler is Refreshing as it is Repulsive
By Eric Hartl

Director Jim Hosking’s debut feature “The Greasy Strangler” is a blue comedy which borders between being a surreal art film and a crude… 508 more words