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The New KFC Keyboard

By Gunnar Fairbairn

WANT Original Content

As part of a promotional campaign in Germany KFC, usually only synonymous with greasy fried chicken, released a hi-tech disposable keyboard with their food. 258 more words


When love teaches you a lesson....

Who deserves love? Really, in your estimation and in your thought process, who deserves to be loved? Does it go in levels? Like some deserve love more than others according to their worth, their good deeds, their looks? 1,520 more words

2078 Left! 11 Plain Bone in Breaded Wings from Kroger

So I went to Kroger after a round of golf on Sunday to grab a few things. Whenever I am at Kroger and starving, the smell of fresh fried chicken goes straight to my belly. 69 more words


Mmmmm Mexican! 02/05/15

I had these AWESOME chicken tacos for dinner, from a Mexican restaurant in Kreuzberg.  It took  me a long time to eat them, and even longer till I had another meal.   6 more words


Greasy, Beer & Pavarotti Friday

I always found it hard to start a job and get into the company vibe. Somehow the working culture is something nobody can explain to you and you have to learn it with time. 156 more words


The Grease Spots On Train Windows

This shit is the worst.

You know when you sit in a train and you look at the patch of window next to every seat and see a corresponding grease spot where multiple people have rested their heads and left behind their slick residue? 122 more words

Can you smell that?

Recently I have been plagued with smelly people. You know the ones I’m talking about. They stand next to you in a shop, or sit near you on the bus, and the whiff of their bodies brings tears to your eyes. 931 more words

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