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Self-cleaning hair - my 3 months without shampoo

Whilst travelling Australia & Bali with my newly chopped locks, I decided that these 3 months away would be the ideal opportunity to test the ‘self-cleaning hair’ theory (luckily, my hair pre-experiment could go for a couple of days without a wash before my mum would take one look and tell me she could fry an egg on it). 767 more words


Not Batiste!?

 As I was browsing the aisle’s of Sainsbury’s (how glamours) I came across an offer of 75p for the Herbal Essences dry shampoo. I couldn’t resist putting it in my basket and funnily enough I had run out of my usual Batiste. 171 more words

Klobasa v. KFC

Culinary Imperialism Takes on Fried Cheese 1,177 more words


Laurie Dees

They claim to be one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets, giving consumers diabetes the old-fashioned way, mincing their own Angus beef in-store everyday and serving it up American style. 184 more words



Somehow the good old days aren’t exactly all they’re hyped up to be.

Yeah come on all of you big strong men
Uncle Sam needs your help again. 149 more words

Cranky Anarchy

Girls Get Greasy

Socially driven Lethbridge artists’, The Greasy Girls, are establishing a cult following by doing a performance piece using chicken wings. Local Lethbridge artists’, Janice Wardle and Jenn Wood have been using performance art to comment on the meat industry. 467 more words