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A message so big you can see it from space

Second biggest thing that happened in space.

While Red Bull Stratos tops all marketing content related to space, Hyundai got a little human and decided to send a (very huge) message to a particular someone. 111 more words

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1 incredible way to speak to the world

A one-man mission to tell the world an ignored crisis.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (@Ibra_official), a name extremely familiar to the football world, recently collaborated with the… 403 more words

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Everyday heroes we take for granted

How dare you?!

Again, it’s IKEA. It’s only IKEA that will remind us of the things we take for granted. Your toilet brush, your closet hanger, your floor mat, your toilet roll holder, your faucet; the everyday heroes that make your life, our lives a better place to live on. 196 more words

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Newcastle's much anticipated Big Game ad

Here we gooooooo…

“It’s the most exciting, most jam-packed, most fiscally responsible big game ad ever. It’s Newcastle’s Band of Brands big game ad, featuring 37 of the universe’s best brands… and a dental office in Pittsburgh. 12 more words

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Let's be friends furever

Android celebrates togetherness with unlikely animal buddies.

Getting dogs and cats together? That’s gonna be hysterical. The closest they come together is the phrase, “Raining cats and dogs”. 93 more words

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It's only human to heat things up

The sharper read gets human.

What was heating up soon exploded out of control. The latest installment of New Straits Times‘ A Sharper Read campaign digs deep into the human’s practical action of news consumption. 186 more words

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That first peek at the cards: the uncut joy of discovering truly awesome creative.

I love it when I crack the code on a piece of creative. You might not believe me but I love it even more when someone in my group cracks the code on a piece of creative. 395 more words