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A Great Motivational Video from Extra Credits

I love the Extra History series on the Youtube channel, Extra Credits, and their videos on video games and gaming culture are just as fascinating. 35 more words


How To Use A 250 Year Old Discovery For Online Success

In 1776 Adam Smith, the father of modern economics, made a discovery that revolutionized the business world.

Here’s the idea: A single person focused on a single task is far better than one person doing multiple tasks. 190 more words

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How to put away 1 Million Dollars in 24 Months

Have you been wondering exactly how to determine how much active income you need in retirement? More importantly how to make sure you put away at least $1 million dollars……even if you have a very short time to do it? 538 more words

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Billionaire & CEO of 5 Hour Energy Drink had this to say...

If you could sum up what “business” is in a sentence, how would you do it? Here’s how the CEO of 5 Hour Energy—Manoj Bhargava, worth $1.5 billion—defined it: 295 more words

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The #1 Reason For Failure Online That No One Talks About

Here’s one of the biggest reasons for failure in business (especially online business) that almost NO ONE seems to talk about:


More specifically, isolation from the people you need in order to make your business a success. 332 more words

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Insight from a brilliant Harvard marketing professor.

Theodore Levitt was a Harvard marketing professor. The man was brilliant.

One of his most famous quotes was ” People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. 285 more words

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How To Turn Your Time Into Money

Imagine if you could make thousands of dollars in as little as 60 minutes a day.
Now imagine what your life would be like if you had Time, Money and Location freedom. 263 more words

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