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I am pretty close with all of my family… for the most part. I am closer to my moms side of the family than my dads side. 883 more words


Do you want to become an entrepreneur, here is some fantastic advice.
Advice from Entrepreneurs


Letting go

LetGo Commercial

I love this commercial. Not because of the product the company is advertising, but for it’s visual effect.

I think about a person kneeling in prayer asking God to fulfill a need while refusing to give up what they already hold. 361 more words

Great Advice

Constructive Criticism

According to the credible source Wikipedia this means providing well-reasoned arguments about the work of others in such a way that the outcome can be improved. 63 more words


Thanks x Two

On a recent evening commute, a woman boarded the bus and rushed towards me. Rather than sit, she seemed to fall into the empty seat beside mine, a mound of heavy coat, thick scarf, and several bags. 599 more words

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Sometimes people serve to warn you not to let your id-seipherot-time 'errors overtake your love of life and appreciation for the gentle wealth of growth and development. In any case, check out this story which may be related to my cryptic writ:

Jim Rohn on Motivation

I’m currently listening to Jim Rohn’s audiobook entitled
Seven Secrets to Wealth and Happiness”. I am picking up a lot of great advice from it and could not help but put them online. 30 more words