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Marvel's New International Poster For "Deadpool" Is Sassy & Sexy All At Once

We are EAGERLY, EAGERLY, EAGERLY awaiting upcoming Marvel film, “Deadpool.”  Rated R it will be the first superhero flick of it’s kind to offer raw violence, explicit language and raunchy humor, much like the lead character from the comic books. 169 more words


Loving who you are, being comfortable with who you are

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I recently saw an Inside Edition segment about this very hot male bodybuilder who was uncomfortable with who he was. He always felt that he was a women trapped inside this hot male body,  Here’s the scoop: 101 more words

Male Butt

About Your Ass. Ten Reasons why 40 is the perfect age to start lifting weights.

  1. The only binges you go on these days involve multiple television episodes.
  2. You know your way around a grocery store.
  3. You know your way around the kitchen.
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Brutal Truth

A Little Bite

As Alecia bent forward and pushed her jeans down her legs, Brent, who sat on the edge of the bed, watched her intently. Particularly, he looked at the curves of her butt and the lace-fringed edge of her creamy orange panties, and how the edge of those panties rose diagonally up the butt cheek that was closest to him. 75 more words

Short Story

New Supercut Examines All The Ways Hollywood Has Complimented An Ass

For an industry supposedly run by old white Jews, collectively, Hollywood has more vivid descriptions of a woman’s ass than a Sir Mixalot album. This is the thesis of “Assjectives,” … 75 more words


Tail of the Tape: Khloe has a bigger ass than Kim

Both are huge, but that’s the difference between a big ass and appealing to a niche market.