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History of the Baptists Pt. 2

In History of the Baptists Pt. 1, I left off with the churches being established in the South. The first Baptist church in the south was founded in 1639 in Charleston, SC. 404 more words

Parental Authorities in the Family of God

One of the strongest merits of Strangers and Pilgrims is that Brekus is able to bring forward out of obscurity women preachers and evangelists who were “too conservative to be remembered by women’s rights activists, but too radical to be remembered by evangelicals” (6). 718 more words


The Great Revival - Charles Hodge (Christian audio book)

The Great Revival – Charles Hodge (Christian audio book)

Hodge’s masterful analysis of the aberrations that happened during the Great Awakening. Agree with him or not, this is Hodge at his best and must be consulted by any serious historical student. 401 more words

Another test is courage.  How does it happen that some people go on and on in the face of difficulty while others with as much or more natural ability give up and become a burden to society?   189 more words

Make Your Character Great

Greater than common interest is common character. If characters are similar, interests can be made to harmonize in some way. Young people may be drawn together by sex appeal, but this will not last without the background of character. 164 more words