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Day 38 Praying for Revival

I Show You My Faith by My Works

Again God has clearly stated in II Chronicles 7:14 that when we align ourselves with His ways, He will then hear from us, forgive us of all of our sins, and heal this land. 1,119 more words


Day 37 Praying for Revival

The End Result

“Then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins, and heal their land.”

When We Do Our Part, God Will Do His Part… 1,069 more words


Day 36 Praying for Revival

The Domino Effect

Coming to the point of turning from our wicked ways is truly an act of God. I was talking to a lady at church this past Sunday who is struggling with forgiving someone that has done something awful to her. 1,331 more words


Day 35 Praying for Revival

Seeking His Face Produces Holiness

            In the eyes of the world, the Prophet Isaiah was a holy man. He was a righteous prophet of God who others strived to be like. 1,283 more words


Între „marea trezire” și „marele declin”

Creștinismul este în impas. După două milenii, religia care a schimbat fața pământului își regăsește cu dificultăți cadența și forța. Impactul asupra lumii civilizate este tot mai scăzut, iar plecările masive din biserici sunt consecința firească a acestei stări de fapt. 479 more words


Day 34 Praying for Revival

Have We Evicted God From Our Churches?

We wonder why the hand of God has not been moving in our churches today. Although there are many problems, the major one is sin. 1,373 more words

Day 33 Praying for Revival

Our God is a Holy God

We try so hard to justify our sins. We say things like “A little white lie has never hurt anyone” or “It’s okay if I take a little more than what’s mine; after all I deserve it.” We entertain ourselves with things that curse God’s name and promote the very things that God calls an abomination. 1,289 more words