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Let's Pray

See also 2nd Chronicles 7:14

–Pastor Ward Clinton

Vote Trump

I can understand why some might hesitate to get on the Trump Train.  If you are tired of the central planners in Washington not listening to you or your concerns then Trump is your best hope.   549 more words

Proud Member of "Basket of Deplorables"

We are the ones who will “Make America Great Again,” Hillary.  You and your elitist friends have long despised us but you are about to find out that “We, the People” are the great ones and you are not.   13 more words

Trump Flashmob

It is a beautiful thing.

–Pastor Ward Clinton


"That Day" is Approaching

The God of Father Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who is the one true God is not bringing people against Israel, either. It is the sad state of this fallen world that it would listen to the god of this world instead of the God who sees and loves and saves.

–Pastor Ward Clinton


One Nation Under God and Behind Trump

Pray in accordance with 2nd Chronicles 7:14 and vote Trump.

–Pastor Ward Clinton