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Did Puritanism Birth Unitarianism?

In 2001, acclaimed New England historian Perry Miller contended that “Unitarianism is as much the child of Puritanism as Methodism.” (The Puritans, I. 4) What he intended by such a provocative statement was… 1,003 more words

Beware the Fake News People

The Mainstream Media (MSM) claims 56% of white voters voted for Trump this election cycle because of racist white nationalism.  93% of black voters voted for Obama when he ran for President and the MSM openly wondered why the other 7% failed to “act in their best interest” and tow the Democrat party line.   282 more words

The Great Illusion

If we will look, we will see.  If we listen, we will hear…

Deep within us all is the truth of what and who we are.   1,143 more words


Dear Obama and Hillary

President Elect Trump will make America great again and promote healing.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

A Walk through Northampton

It’s not often when a family of five with three kids five years and under decide on the spur of the moment, on a crisp Saturday morning in November, to drive nearly two hours for a history lesson. 1,121 more words