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America Awake Again

Pastor Mark Burns said bringing people in the country together means focusing on the colors that unite us, not divide us, and has “to first start with the leaders.”

Pastor Ward Clinton

Early American Historiography at the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

1966 was a transformative year in popular music. The Beatles released Revolver; Dylan put out Blonde on Blonde; and the Beach Boys dropped… 1,317 more words


America: a Christian Nation, Like it or Not

One Nation Under God by Dr. David C. Gibbs

“Although traders, explorers and businessmen also had a hand in the founding of America, historical revisionists cannot erase the fact that the first people who founded colonies in this land were primarily religious nonconformists.” 1,392 more words
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Time for an Awakening

  Generally speaking mankind has been far greater, better, and holier than we now know him to be.  This is corroborated by the ancient traditions and cultures of the Egyptians, Chaldean, Greeks, and Romans. 

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Chosen by Voters

I know that some still try to tout Trump’s negatives but the fact remains that Trump was chosen by the voters.  The political insider class hates him because they cannot control him.   37 more words

Bush did not endorse

Hang on world!  America is going to make a come-back with a Trump presidency.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

A Different View on the Election

We Believers have understandably mixed feelings about the upcoming Presidential election. Many debate between one side versus the other. Others are considering a third-party candidate. And still others are even considering a write-in candidate of their own choosing. 1,004 more words

Change Of Viewpoint