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God does not reprobate anybody; He does allow some to reprobate themselves because they refuse and continue to refuse His calls to come to salvation in the manner He has provided. 11 more words

Prayer for President Trump

Dear Father God ,
We agree with Jeremiah , “No one is like you Oh Lord, You are great and Your Name is mighty in power.” 462 more words

Old Fashioned Morality

It is true that I am of an older fashion, much that I love has been destroyed or sent into exile. Things like morality and common sense.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

Timing Is Of The Essence

The timing of the Lord’s working and speaking in your life is when He sees how effectively He has prepared you for the demonstration of the Spirit and Power. 235 more words

Christian Joy

The greatest joy of a Christian is to give joy to Christ. – C. H. Spurgeon

Modern ‘prophets’ say that our economics have failed us. No! It is not our economics which have failed; it is man who has failed – man who has forgotten God.   60 more words

Wake up Church

Since Satan could not kill the Church by roaring at her like a lion, he is currently trying to crush her by hugging her like a bear.

-Pastor Ward Clinton