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I'm Concerned about Our Country

“I am convinced that our government cannot endure, half slave and half free” (Abraham Lincoln 1858).*

When I write that I’m concerned about our country I will not follow with “if Donald Trump gets elected”; nor will I follow with “if Hillary Clinton gets elected”.   412 more words

Revival - Getting There

Revival. Some Christians are praying for it. Many are hoping for it. But do we really understand what it will take to bring it about? 469 more words

Holy Spirit

A Great Awakening is Needed

Our situation is not yet hopeless, but it is quickly approaching that point.

Oh?   I’m supposed to be preaching “Positive Mental Attitude”?

Funny…That is NOT what God told me to preach.   318 more words

Let's Pray

See also 2nd Chronicles 7:14

–Pastor Ward Clinton

Vote Trump

I can understand why some might hesitate to get on the Trump Train.  If you are tired of the central planners in Washington not listening to you or your concerns then Trump is your best hope.   549 more words

Proud Member of "Basket of Deplorables"

We are the ones who will “Make America Great Again,” Hillary.  You and your elitist friends have long despised us but you are about to find out that “We, the People” are the great ones and you are not.   13 more words