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We Now Interrupt your Regularly-Scheduled Great Blue Herons

Me and my comet,
strolling down the avenue

With apologies to Judy Garland

It doesn’t get more out of this world than Comet Hale-Bopp, poised above my daughter’s shoulder.

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Great Blue Heron and the Salmon of Doubt (Apologies to Douglas Adams)

There is no problem so complicated that you can’t find a very simple answer to it if you look at it right.
Douglas Adams
The Salmon of Doubt…

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Beautiful Great Blue Heron Sticks the Landing Nbr 2

She’s gathered up all the time in the world
— nothing else — and waits for scanty trophies,
complete in herself as a heron.

Denise Levertov…

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Beautiful Great Blue Heron Sweetly Preens

… Sound in his ears more sweet than yours,
And if yours are not sweeter and wilder and better…

The Herons of Elmwood
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow…

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When is a Beautiful Great Blue Heron Most Like a Golden Retriever?

Happiness is a warm puppy Great Blue Heron.

With apologies to Charles Schultz and Peanuts

Just like a wet dog, a Heron sheds water by doing a whole-body shake.

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Beautiful Great Blue Heron's Silhouette on Silent Sunday

For he had come to quietness,
He had come to the place where sun and moon meet
And where the spaces of the heavens open their doors.

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