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John Locke, 17th Century U.S. "Founding Father"

Well, here it is, the final course in my master’s program in philosophy/religion through Harrison Middleton University. For some reason John Locke, and the other two authors, were tough to get through. 2,018 more words


Cover to cover

Last night I read about a dozen pages about the history of Yugoslavia, followed by half a dozen pages about Zoroastrianism. With that reading, I finished a task that has taken me almost three years, reading the Encyclopedia Britannica’s Macropaedia from cover to cover. 815 more words

Sorry folks, I've been getting through John Locke

Well, my final course is Locke, Hume, Berkeley. John Locke was a great influence on our country’s Founding Fathers. His arguments concerning liberty and the… 418 more words

Great Books Of The Western World

Finished Reading Tacitus' "The Annals"

I’m still working my way through the reading list of the Great Books of the Western World and this morning I finished “The Annals”. I didn’t realize how fascinating the Roman Empire was. 259 more words


Welcome to 2015 and Sorry

Welcome to 2015 and first let me apologise. It has been a long time since last blogging. The chief reason has been I have been working on finishing another Masters degree, this one in higher education, however the slog toward the end just took out too much of my time for other activities. 77 more words

Great Books Of The Western World

Duration to Completion of the Great Books of the Western World

I get many search queries that hit my website, and loads of questions, pertaining to how long it takes to read the Great Books of the Western World (GBWW), edited by Mortimer Adler.  923 more words