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I'm not exactly one for half measures.

I am not exactly one for half assing things, nor am I one for taking on projects lightly. As I said I am tackling the 1001 books to read before you die list. 244 more words


Another Book Blog?

Why in the world would I go so far as to create another book blog. I mean the blogosphere is filled with book blogs of every order. 405 more words


Find Your Road

Sometimes when I finish one of the “Great Books” and look to the reading list for the next one, I am sorely disappointed and do not look forward to reading it. 536 more words


Thoughts on J.S. Mill

I finished J.S. Mill’s “Representative Government” yesterday and had some thoughts about it, another piece of the big puzzle is on my table. While reading it, I can’t put my finger on him. 839 more words


Annex 2: The Three Laws of Learning

Annex 2

The word “trivium” comes from the Latin prefix “tri” meaning “three,” and the Latin root “via” meaning “way,” or “road.” The word literally means “the three-fold way or road.” The trivium refers to the three stages, or ways, of learning that coincide with a child’s cognitive development as he matures. 1,831 more words


Annex 1: The Lost Tools of Learning (Dorothy Sayers)

Annex 1:

A. Introduction

That I, whose experience of teaching is extremely limited, should presume to discuss education is a matter, surely, that calls for no apology. 7,987 more words

Philosophy Of Education

"Classical Education" & "Classics Education": An Introduction

NOTE by Eduardo Chaves:

I wrote the following article in the form of a “Letter To A Young Daughter on the Education of her Child (and my Grandchild), Olivia… 3,665 more words