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Tangier. Church of Saint Andrew. Good hunting, Tim / Udanych łowów, Tim

Good hunting, Tim

The graveyard nearby Grand Socco in Tangier is place of an eternal rest for almost 200 people. Among them some British soldiers as well as others of an outstanding merit for Morocco.

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Inventory: Queen Elizabeth's Red Hats

I thought I’d send love to all of you dear readers today by sharing a peek into Queen Elizabeth’s hat closet. We’re going to look at Her Majesty’s red hats and by your request, we’re going to include all pieces worn this millennium. 240 more words

Great Britain

Mrs Cameron’s Diary

The Guardian regularly publishes a remarkable diary for Samantha Cameron; as seen by Catherine Bennett of course. Overall, this is truly excellent insight into the life of the posh leadership of the Tory party and today’s… 423 more words


God punishes the British people

Islamic Jihadism and Talmudic Communism – the twin evils in the United Kingdom cannot be fought by atheists and wicca.

That which offers no moral order cannot fight that which has (whatever you think of their moral order they have one). 57 more words

Every corner of the UK - JIHAD!

If you thought that you could run away to the rural areas of the United Kingdom, white man, forget it.

So many asylum seekers fit, young, military trained and experienced Jihadists are spilling into Great Britain and Ireland that the… 746 more words

Events venues in London, UK: HQS Wellington

London, UK, images; events venues

HQS Wellington, permanently moored on the Thames in London.

Nearest Underground Station: Temple Station

HQS Wellington is a retired vessel of the Grimsby class; she was built in 1933 and employed during WWII. 39 more words

Great Britain