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Twenty Year Medal Table for Rowing

Summer Olympic Games 1996 – 2012

Germany’s strongest boats have historically been the women’s quadruple sculls and the men’s eight. Its eights tradition began under the coach… 193 more words


1988 Great Britain 18p Armada stamp

I’m wondering if this stamp has any particular value because it appears there is a printing error on it? At least one of the colours appears to be misaligned. 11 more words

Life Below Stairs: Servants as a Status Symbol

A trend we incur during the Victorian era was the obsession to have more servants than one’s neighbors or comparable members of one’s social circles. It was “Keeping up with the Joneses” with servants, rather than with expansive homes and expensive cars. 685 more words

British History

They've Tied Themselves Up In Knots.

Deja Vu?

Here’s an article I wrote for Kenya’s Karengata Chronicle on June 9th, 1984. Thought it might make you chuckle…

If I were a Martian, up in my satellite monitoring the people and events on earth – earth, that little pinprick of a planet in the vast expanse of the Universe, in the even greater immensity of space – if I were a Martian, I would report back to HQ that this colourful planet, with its abundance of beauty and immense potential, can be classified no better than one pathetic little loony-bin of mismanagement. 726 more words


July ~ Election Year 1852

Frederick Douglass, former slave, calls into question the American vision in a dramatic Fourth of July speech. President Fillmore is busy, including having to deal with a leak to the press. 2,397 more words

American Women

No Smoke Without a Fire (Guantanamera Cristales Review)

It was recently my birthday, so I decided to treat myself, I decided to buy a tailored suit, (a delightful double breasted, three piece, pinstriped number in navy blue), and to treat myself to the usual dozen pints in the local inns, taverns and hostelries of Newport and it’s environs. 286 more words

Research on our few days in Dublin

Later this year, we are heading to Dublin to visit. Some of our ancestors hail from Ireland, so I am looking forward to the trip. Here is my research on the history – I don’t dare to to think anyone reads my posts, but if anyone has anything interesting they know about Dublin, I’m all ears… 251 more words