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The trickle down effect apes prosperity gospel thinking

Dave Williams has written a helpful article on the ‘trickle down gospel’. He outlines the economic trickle down theory and points out that even its greatest advocates didn’t really believe in it. 1,065 more words

Pastor Luke's Corner for July 19

Last time, I talked about how every church is “in motion.” This is true even when a church seems to be standing still. I asked you to think about where we are and which way we’re going. 598 more words

Pastor's Corner

For The Sake Of The Gospel

Praying for the nations

It started with a world prayer map. I laid it out on my floor and researched the countries listed for that day with the… 941 more words


Sermon Recording- Come and See (John 1.35-42)


Sermon Series: Hometown Missionary
Message 1 of 5: Come and See, Hanging Out and Making Invitations
Scriptures: John 1:35-42
This message was offered Sunday, 7/8/18 at… 1,073 more words


Missions reflections: On the Point

I just recently returned from several weeks of mission work in Germany. I had the privilege of being able to go back to Braunschweig, where I was last summer also, and continue to build Christian Challenge’s partnership with a Germany campus ministry there called “Connexxion.” As I’ve… 5,878 more words

Technology and the Gospel

Christians have always adapted to the advancement of technology to be able to spread the gospel in different ways to reach more people. It was the Romans who created the road system which made it possible for the early church to travel with the message of Jesus Christ to the known world. 749 more words


Christian Witness (Matthew 5:10-16)

Those who enter the kingdom of God do so through repentance and faith. God welcomes them into His kingdom; giving them a new heart that hungers and thirsts for righteousness (Matt 5:6). 945 more words