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Possible Objections

“Nothing will

ever be attempted

if all possible


must be first


~ Samuel Johnson

I object.

Objection over ruled.

The human judge and jury will be out forever, 78 more words

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Giving and Taking

“The universe works

on supply and demand.

Which means

it’s all yours for

the giving and taking.”


~ Danielle LaPorte

Sometimes we give a lot and we get little, 76 more words

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Finding The Good

“If you concentrate

on finding whatever

is good in every situation,

you will discover

that your life will suddenly

be filled with gratitude… 102 more words


The Great Weaver

“In Silence

there is eloquence.

Stop weaving and see

how the pattern improves.”

~ Rumi

We become so busy living our lives… 98 more words

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Normal Abnormal

“The need

to be normal

is the predominant

anxiety disorder

in modern life.”

~ Thomas Moore

Today, try to do the will of your… 78 more words

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The Judge Of Your Worth,

“You alone are

the judge of your worth,

and your goal is

to discover infinite

worth in yourself,

no matter what

anyone else thinks.” 102 more words

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“Where love is,

there God is


~ Mohandas Gandhi

For lack of any other logical reason

we can safely say that this Uni-verse… 89 more words