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A Wise Saying

“Almost every wise saying

has an opposite one,

no less wise,

to balance it.”

~ George Santayana

The Universe of the Great Creator… 102 more words


The Only Reality

Love is the only reality

and it is not

a mere sentiment.

It is the ultimate truth

that lies at the

heart of creation.” 90 more words


The Force

“Love is the only force

that can erase the differences

between people

or bridge

the chasms of bitterness.” 

~ Gordon B. Hinckley… 92 more words



“Love is

the greatest


in life.”

~ Picasso

Every time you have

that indescribable feeling of love

your spirit is refreshed. 89 more words


On Loan

“Love is

the only thing

that we can

ever truly own …

everything else is

on loan.”

~ Kelly Young

When we leave this world physically… 92 more words


Your Obligation

“It is every man’s obligation

to put back into the world

at least the equivalent of

what he takes out of it.”

. 84 more words

Higher Power

Possible Objections

“Nothing will

ever be attempted

if all possible


must be first


~ Samuel Johnson

I object.

Objection over ruled.

The human judge and jury will be out forever, 78 more words

Higher Power