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A change of tack

Wow.  This still exists.  Wild.

Several years ago, I created this blog as a place to write about my gardening life.  I was only so-so with keeping it up, and then I really fell off the wagon–I began graduate school.  252 more words


Can I Use Advantage?

The question of the day is…..

…..can I use a topical flea product, such as, Advantage on my dog while she is possibly in the very beginning stages of pregnancy?  109 more words

Have-a-Dane Hill Danes


Has spring sprung in your neck of the woods??  It is trying it’s best to emerge out here in the Pacific Northwest, and Penni is loving it….so am I!  90 more words

Have-a-Dane Hill Danes

Waiting is Like Falling

In a lot of ways, waiting is like falling….ever have that dream…that falling dream?  Do you ever hit the ground, or do you wake before impact?  257 more words

Have-a-Dane Hill Danes

Super Bowl Sunday

Happy Sunday!!

Today is about all things Super Bowl….oh…..and the Puppy Bowl!   BTW…did you see who is in the starting line-up??


Penni will definitely be watching!! 7 more words

Have-a-Dane Hill Danes

Eight Days and Counting

Incredible that one week has passed since Penni’s insemination, actually 8 days, but who is counting….. I AM!!!!!!  OMGosh!!!  This has been a long week, yet it has gone oddly fast.  240 more words

Have-a-Dane Hill Danes