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Walter Graduates and Greta Sees The Vet

Yay!  Walter graduated Advanced Obedience yesterday!  Check it out! We weren’t there to pick up his diploma, but he graduated!  I would have been there but I sprained my wrist.  270 more words


The Walter and Greta Chronicles 4/14/18

Greta settles in:

Here they are in a rather docile moment.  Those never last for long.  Don’t they look like an old married couple?  A few minutes ago, Walter was trying to kill her because she got too close to his food bowl.  125 more words


Greta's First Day In Cornville

We got her!  Yup, she is officially named Greta.  She responded to it immediately.

After a night kept apart, she met Walter in the kennel and wanted to play immediately.  61 more words


Midnight on Puppy Eve

Yup, it’s midnight on Puppy Eve.  Her big crate is set up in the kitchen so she’ll have a cozy place to hang out on the first night.  366 more words


Road Trip Day 3 & 4: Big Dogs, Family Time and Old Home Movies

Lack of Wi-Fi and lots of family time has led me to a combined post for a couple days of our trip (and I’m technically still a day behind!) 991 more words

My Life Stories

Pets in Jest Walter

Hey, you down there!  Yeah, you!  Don’t tell my Mom I was here, ok?  She doesn’t need to know that I’ve learned how to use the laptop.  415 more words


Good News

We got her!!!!

They had ten applications and they chose us!!!  I can’t thank you all enough for the encouragement, good wishes, and prayers.

She lives in the South and we’ll get her either on the 10th or 24th of April.  14 more words