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Are We #Grateful?

We have many things for which to be grateful. Family, friends, material goods, food and drink, travel experiences, good health, interests and more. We are in this position due to our own ability and also luck. 130 more words

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No Bad Days, Elera’s passing

I promised to love you, give you treats, hugs and long walks. I also promised you no bad days. No lying in your own waste because you didn’t know it was coming or you couldn’t get up and out fast enough. 779 more words

Animal Communication

A Dog’s Sense

I’ve caught onto their sneaky ways. I know there’s medicine in those hot dogs and turkey meatballs they give me. Oh, and I won’t eat my dog food either… out of protest. 10 more words

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The Glory Of The Great Dane

It’s no secret that owning a dog is worthwhile for the bond that’s created between human and animal and often they become more than a pet. 547 more words


Is this the World's Largest Dog?

THROOP, Pa. — What’s 38 inches tall, 228 pounds, and eats 110 pounds of food a month? This is no riddle; this is a true story of… 307 more words


Does Your Dog Pass The #Breath Test?

We great danes, Stellar and Venus, like that brush thingy rubbing over us. We LOVE our food. We don’t mind being in the shower too much. 118 more words

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Try Working #Outside

Sometimes we forget the beauty of the sky. We’re busy. If we work outside occasionally, enjoy a coffee or lunch break outside or walk more often, we will notice even more, this ever-changing space. 45 more words

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