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My Puppy Has Acne

At eight months old, Walter is a teenager.  Walter is the bane of his elder brother’s existence.  Both he and Levi are Great Danes.

I don’t particularly like to spread stereotypes because they are often untrue and maligning.   377 more words


A good dog's day

With a little bit of a two-beer, morning-after headache (My celebratory evening out with our friends last night did not resemble “drinking” as sailor lore would have you think), I was roused without the excited pawing, cold nuzzles and whines today.    635 more words


Why Patty Mills is on Course for His Biggest Contract Yet

With only a few months before the NBA’s chaotic free agency period begins, Australian Patty Mills faces the most important stretch of his career.

With the raising of the salary cap, superstars like Steph Curry are expected to put pen to paper on multi-year deals worth in excess of $USD200m. 281 more words


NBA Playoffs: Equal opportunity? Or holding pattern for LeBron James?

“So you’re telling me there’s a chance.”

The NBA Playoffs are right around the corner, a thrilling time when even fringe competitors have bold title aspirations. 528 more words


Great Dane Temperatures Before Labor

These are Echo’s (Great Dane) temperatures before whelping / labor

For those of you that are like me, and love to know every detail about what to expect before a dog goes into labor, you’ve probably read dozen’s of articles on the internet about what to expect during your dog’s labor. 900 more words

Great Danes

The Secret Lives of Dog Toys

The silly snake above was found just as you see him.  At first, I thought Walter had positioned him there like that.  Walter is my Great Dane puppy.   581 more words

COY: Bruce

Hi it’s me, Movado.

In this first edition of Canines of York, I am excited to feature a beautiful harlequin Great Dane, my buddy Bruce. 400 more words