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I'm in the Doghouse

Remember way back when…(two days ago) when I told you about my guest post on It’s a Dog’s Life?

Remember when I told you my guest post was entitled Pigeon Preventers and Hangry Cats? 106 more words


Pigeon Preventers And The Hangry Cats

This week’s Guest Blogger: Everyone Has the Best Titles

I am very grateful to feature an adventure of our favorite resident of Maine, mainepaperpusher, her dogs Walter and Greta, and other critters.     1,562 more words

Dogs And Cats

It's Greta's Birthday!

It just occurred to me that it’s Greta’s birthday!

Surprisingly, Greta has survived long enough to celebrate her first birthday.  We’ve had two days without murderous conflict.  23 more words


Peace In Wartime

Guilty!  I’ve stolen a Talking Heads song title, but it seemed so apt.

Dreadful photo, but I think it’s enough to show that the two combatants have reached a detente.  80 more words



Remember when I said I was going to get a female Great Dane to go along with Walter, my male Dane?  Remember when I said that would mean less swaggering about with doggy testosterone and there would be peace in all of my canine kingdom?  944 more words


Greta Thinks She's A Labrador Retriever

Remember when you were first in love and the idea of taking a shower together seemed like such a romantic thing to do?  That is until you realized that only one person could get under the shower head at a time.  335 more words


My Best Friend...

After all the ranting and raving about narcissists like a maniac in my previous posts, I figured it was time for a change of pace. 68 more words