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I have a secret....

I am lazy as hell.  Don’t get me wrong. Don’t confuse lazy with inactive.  I’m also active as hell.  I work every day (ish), I have a second volunteer job where I work with service dogs.  564 more words


Targeted randomness

It’s weird.  Yesterday I turned 51 years old. That’s not the weird part though. What I find weird is that complete strangers, people who I have never met, and only know through the virtual world, take time out of their day to send me good wishes. 435 more words


Santa's House Stands No More - Five Photo Five Series Challenge - Day Three

I have been nominated by  my blogging friend, Mark Bialczak, to participate in the Five Photo Five Series Challenge.

Back when I lived in Colorado, way up in the mountains, I shared a house with my friend, two Great Danes and an Old English Sheepdog.  786 more words


How We Dogs Behave With #Guests

We great danes, Stellar and Venus, love people. We wag our tails when they walk through the door and bound up to welcome them. They say, “Away.” We try to rub our mouths on their clothes just before they go out. 122 more words

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Ellen and Portia, Still Best Friends

In just a few days, Ellen will be 4-1/2 years old.  Not much for most dogs, but more than half-way through the average lifespan for a Great Dane.   568 more words


Watch This Adorable Great Dane Puppy Grow Up In A Touching Time Lapse Video

Get ready for the room you’re in to get very dusty. Dave Meinert rescued Pegasus, a Great Dane puppy, from a negligent breeder. He was heartbroken to be told that because of her health issues, Pegasus might lose her sight and hearing if she even survived, which many of her siblings didn’t. 111 more words

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