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The Great Dane originated in Germany as a cross between the English Mastiff, the Greyhound, and the Irish Wolfhound. The result was a tall, sleek dog that went on to become famous around the world. 456 more words

T02 Love the dog you are with

I am 6’3″, so it is natural that I would like to own a big dog. I married into a chihuahua in SEP 2015, so by now, I have grown to love Chikita, an old lady of about eight years old. 62 more words


Toronto's 'best' was never enough

Amidst the hype and anticipation surrounding the dominant Cleveland Cavaliers and the improvements made by the Golden State Warriors, another team quietly plied their trade much closer to the ground, scrounging for scraps. 750 more words


5 reasons why Great Danes are Great

  1. They are loyal– They never leave your side. They follow you around the house without ceasing. They come to you when their name is called, and they always stay close to their owner.
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Digital Journalism

Man or monster: the ongoing debate on Chris Benoit

The moment was electrifying. Thousands of fans on their feet at Madison Square Garden, confetti strewn about the floor. Jim Ross’ iconic voice was hoarse – the result of more than 20 minutes’ worth of passionate commentary to cap off a hard night’s work. 994 more words


A good dog's day

With a little bit of a two-beer, morning-after headache (My celebratory evening out with our friends last night did not resemble “drinking” as sailor lore would have you think), I was roused without the excited pawing, cold nuzzles and whines today.    635 more words


Why Patty Mills is on Course for His Biggest Contract Yet

With only a few months before the NBA’s chaotic free agency period begins, Australian Patty Mills faces the most important stretch of his career.

With the raising of the salary cap, superstars like Steph Curry are expected to put pen to paper on multi-year deals worth in excess of $USD200m. 281 more words