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Religion, Taylor Swift, Gluten, and Other Game Changing Debates

There are some opinions that run so deep in a person they can divide friends like Moses and the Red Sea. These topics need to be treated with care similar to the care you would give a live bomb sitting on your lap. 437 more words

"Only a Fool Would Ask the God..." Plato and Xenophon on Socrates (According to Athenaeus)

In another passage (Apol. 21a), Plato says that Chaerophon asked the Pythia if anyone was wiser than Socrates and that she answered that no one was. 126 more words


What is the worst film to have won an Academy Award for Best Picture?

The red carpet is rolled out each year for the Academy Awards. Cynics may describe it as little more than a ceremony of self-indulgence and career-furthering back-patting, but for the average movie fan it’s an important time of the year. 850 more words


Are films based on video games destined for mediocrity?

There are so many failed game-to-film conversions around and they all have one thing in common; video games have provided their foundation. This leads to the inevitable question, are games worthy of the movie treatment? 867 more words


Video: The Origins Project

The Origins Project is one of my favorite science projects out there. Not only it is led by Lawrence Krauss, it also organizes the best debates with intriguing participants and their great minds about the most fundamental questions such as, who are we? 28 more words


Love Is Tearing Me Apart: Tibullus, II.IV (1-12)

“Here I see my addiction, my mistress ready for me;
And so: farewell to my inherited freedom.
Here a sad slavery is granted and I am held by chains, 204 more words