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Fear and Economic Demand

It is generally understood that economic demand – the total purchases made, whether by consumers or those who are intermediaries in the chain of individuals and companies that are involved in the production of a product or service – is very important in determining how productive a country is. 2,314 more words

Act II: Free-Market Folly: Why Economics Is Not A Science

Seeking Genealogy Mystery Solutions

Don’t you just hate it when you cannot solve that genealogy mystery? We all have many, but one which just continually bubbles up and gnaws at me is regarding the sale of my grandfather’s house prior to the big move to Russia in 1931. 305 more words


The Root of Trust

Psalm 146

The Crash

In 2008, I was serving a fairly wealthy, well-education, and self-reliant community in suburban Chicago. Many among the church membership were professionals in their fields—white collar workers who lived rather comfortable lives, eating out and entertaining regularly. 1,320 more words


Like Lazarus? Big changes and a potential resurrection for the blog..

Just when I was thinking I had probably said goodbye to the blog, life changed in a good way.

I’ve just accepted a two-year Post Doctoral Research post. 359 more words


Freeing myself from debt slavery

Money. It means different things to different people. People who have it take it for granted. People who don’t have it understand the intrinsic value it has to help keep you alive. 1,420 more words