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Louise Yates Robison

Sometimes church (like so much else) looks like a place designed for extroverts. Gregariousness, if not a virtue exactly, at least seems like the sort of thing that could come in handy, since the realities of lay ministry so often oblige us to give talks, teach lessons, or otherwise act in semi-public ways. 823 more words

Mormon Lectionary Project

Krugman on Unreal Keynesians (IS/LM again)

Paul Krugman exchanges views with Lars Syll (from Malmö University, Sweden) over what makes a Keynesian. The former summarizes the exchange like this:

Brad DeLong…

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Life Photographer Carl Mydans

Remembering the work of war photographer, Carl Mydans… 464 more words


Bonus Army lesson resources

These lesson resources focus upon the Bonus Army protest in America in 1932.

Bonus Army


Mr Shivers by Robert Jackson Bennett

“The young ones smiled through their hunger and dreamed only of biting the horizon, of the great iron machines eating up earth beneath their wheels, and of freedom.”

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An Embarrassing Hero

I saw Dorothy Day at a Mass one afternoon. She sat in a front pew with her head bowed in prayer. I had the same contradictory reaction to her that I do now, forty years later. 423 more words

Dorothy Day

Impact of the Depression

William Ferris:You grew up during the Depression and you’ve said that you witnessed a lot of grown men lose themselves when they lost their jobs.

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Arthur Miller