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An Outbreak of Carpal Tunnel, or Mrs. Mallet’s Revenge

My great-grandfather, Ray Randall (and yes, the precursor to both of the current veterinary models, one in Montana, one in Texas) was a country doctor up in the Miles City and Powder River areas of Montana. 426 more words


Mrs. Wilt and the Great Depression

During the Depression Era, the Wilson family lived in the little town of Dexter, Iowa. The father, Clabe Wilson, was out of a job and worked part-time WPA jobs–roadwork, oiling the town pump, whatever was available–when he could. 461 more words

Dexter Iowa

And so begins the trade war Trump promised us.

Mar 18 JDN 2458196

President Trump (a phrase I will never quite feel comfortable saying) has used an obscure loophole in US trade law to impose huge tariffs on steel and aluminum. 749 more words

Public Policy

The Whitney Museum offers a comprehensive view of the Iowan artist.

Caroline Goldstein, March 15, 2018

Grant Wood: American Gothic and Other Fables 212 more words


Would Irving Fisher continue to defend the Net Present Value model in our era of sustainability?

Do you remember Irving Fisher? He may have been America’s first celebrity economist. A professor who taught at Yale, he doled out pearls of investment wisdom to the business press during the early years of the twentieth century. 455 more words


Deglobalisation Series | Deglobalisation 2.0: Trump and Brexit are but symptoms by Peter A.G. van Bergeijk

We live in strange and usual times. Actually, this is what people always do. And all people always think that their era is unique. We seem to live in the times of Trumpism, Brexitism and deglobalisation. 849 more words

At World's End

Economic collapse

As we beg for scraps

A once proud nation

Lives in revelation

I long for the end

As I walk out the door… 6 more words