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Blogger Ben’s Basically Full Of It, by David Stockman

About 95 percent of what passes as economic wisdom is useless garbage, but the remaining 5 percent, mostly the basics, comprise an extremely powerful analytic toolbox. 332 more words

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DeLong gets desperate and blames the Great Recession on Friedman!

In “The Great Depression and the Great Recession in the North Atlantic”, Brad DeLong writes:

Diagnoses of how we got into this mess and why we are still mired in it–albeit to a substantially less degree than in 2009, and to a much less degree than in 2009 we feared we would be in 2010–vary.

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Monetary Policy

May 4th in Seal Beach History

On this date in 1933, the Seal Beach city council took measures to balance the general fund  by instituting a new work schedule and pay for the city’s water, street, and janitors. 91 more words

Seal Beach

Basic Economics, with Thomas Sowell

This segment with Peter Robinson is an interesting discussion about current events from the perspective of Thomas Sowell, author of Basic Economics.

Around 22 minutes in, Robinson asks: 777 more words

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May 3, 1932

The National Farmers’ Holiday Association (FHA) is founded by Milo Reno, former president of the Iowa Farmers’ Union. The FHA fought foreclosures, sometimes by blocking the roads and physically preventing a sheriff from selling a farmer’s home and land. 43 more words


Heber & Caroline a Love Story - Letter 4 - 4/22/24

When our mother passed away I was going through her things and found a stack of letters written by my maternal grandfather Heber to my maternal grandmother Caroline (aka Carrie). 355 more words


The Slug Burger: A Mississippi Tradition

Two cheeseburger cookbooks sit on the counter in our kitchen, each with a slew of burger recipes. Recently, we found a section on burgers from different states. 610 more words

Savory Dishes