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Dumpster Diving & Freeganism

In The Price, having to “eat garbage” is an unpleasant consequence of the Great Depression for Victor, an illustration of the family’s desperation that gains new meaning as secrets are revealed. 125 more words

Great Depression

Great Depression : My Experience


1. What have you learned from your research?

I have learned that people went through tough times. People suffered a lot through out the great depression, it was a hard time to get through but people got through it. 190 more words

Artist Date: The Andrew Freedman Home

Gosh, it’s been ages. I’m still doing Artist Dates though and I’ve decided to share my weekly creative adventures here. I’ll be sharing other stuff too. 651 more words


Serena (2014) Review

Dear reader,

Going to see a movie which is unremittingly awful is never pleasant. However, watching a film with a brilliant start gradually smoulder and die is nothing less than excruciating. 871 more words

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The Great Depression

Being poor was so common that being poor was considered “normal”. I’ve been waiting on this line since 4 in the morning, now its 6 in the afternoon and I just got a piece of bread to take, to feed family. 474 more words