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America: The Future Third World Country

By: Tom Chatham

The purchasing power of Americans has been unequalled for the past several decades. This has been made possible by the high paying jobs created by our manufacturing sector. 713 more words


World War I --> World War II

Written assignment (250 words min.): Considering information in the readings and lectures, what problems from World War I helped contribute to the outbreak of World War II? 345 more words

History - WCiv2

Monopoly Versus The Farming Game

It’s Saturday night. I should be diving into a couple more hours of work (which I’m glad to have), but I’ve learned to listen to the messages my body sends. 822 more words

How the U.S. economy will fare under protectionism

By Raz Koroh

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Globalization faces considerable opposition and criticism.  As tariff barriers are removed, inefficient producers of commodities such as food grains in poor countries can no longer compete with the often highly subsidized and sophisticated agribusiness, which now have new markets for their corn, rice, and wheat.  453 more words


NY Times and Bernie Sanders

I understand that in times of love, war and primaries truth doesn’t count much. Nevertheless, I am surprised to see a NY Times article containing paragraphs like these: 419 more words




  1. resembling mother-of-pearl; pearly.

The distinct, sharp clacking sound of synthetic surfaces smacking each other caught Catherine’s attention, drawing her gaze to the hallway.  Her 6-year-old was covered in layers of fake jewelry, struggling to get down the hall in Catherine’s 5-inch heels. 254 more words


Reflections- May 1941

I thought I would include the first two chapters to give any interested readers a feel for what I have written in my book, Do Svidanya Dad: Tracing the Story of an American Family Trapped in the USSR. 978 more words

World War II