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just what aren't we seeing?

Currently circulating on WeChat news that apparently on May 20, 2015 China blocked Chinese Wikipedia, begging question du jour: just what triggered the block? 396 more words


China and GitHub Attacks

China (or someone in China) apparently enlisted computers around the world to DDoS GitHub.  http://arstechnica.com/security/2015/03/massive-denial-of-service-attack-on-github-tied-tochinese-government/ .  According to the news report, attackers targeted two specific GitHub pages, one hosting the anti-censorship service GreatFire.org and one hosting a mirror site of the The New York Times Chinese Edition. 543 more words

Do we need censorship online?

I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I’m kind of glad that there is some censorship online.  I’m glad that censorship exists.   348 more words


China's Great (Fire) Wall

Should foreign companies provide their technologies to China, knowing that the technologies are used to limit the individual freedom of Chinese citizens? Why or why not? 358 more words

China hypocritically attacks the US for "upping the ante" on cyberwarfare arms race

The United States isn’t the only superpower that gets a little hypocritical when the topics of cyberwarfare or cyberespionage are brought up. China’s defense ministry… 553 more words


Technology Expert Who Helped Develop China’s ‘Great Firewall’ Accused of Corruption

Ma Xiaodong detained by prosecutors in Shaanxi province for allegedly taking bribes

By Nectar Gan
South China Morning Post

Ma Xiaodong is an ex-senior official at the Ministry of Public Security. 172 more words

The Wall Street Journal suggests Snowden gave China an incredibly powerful cyberweapon

The Wall Street Journal thinks Edward Snowden may have provided China with a new, powerful cyberweapon.

China is known for its so-called Great Firewall, a nationwide system of web blocks and filters that the government uses to maintain strict online censorship in mainland China. 425 more words