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Technology Expert Who Helped Develop China’s ‘Great Firewall’ Accused of Corruption

Ma Xiaodong detained by prosecutors in Shaanxi province for allegedly taking bribes

By Nectar Gan
South China Morning Post

Ma Xiaodong is an ex-senior official at the Ministry of Public Security. 172 more words

The Wall Street Journal suggests Snowden gave China an incredibly powerful cyberweapon

The Wall Street Journal thinks Edward Snowden may have provided China with a new, powerful cyberweapon.

China is known for its so-called Great Firewall, a nationwide system of web blocks and filters that the government uses to maintain strict online censorship in mainland China. 425 more words


China attacking websites across the globe in new censorship offensive

China has expanded its internet censorship efforts beyond its borders with a new strategy that attacks websites across the globe, researchers said.The new strategy, dubbed “ 613 more words


China has a Great Firewall, a Great Cannon, and a newly-revealed group of sophisticated hackers

A new report claims the Chinese government spied on India, Singapore, and other countries in Southeast Asia with a decade-long cyber espionage effort.

The cybersecurity company FireEye r… 392 more words


China’s Great Firewall and Why You Should Care

China’s “Great Firewall” has just undergone an upgrade that has tightened the Chinese government’s control over its internet. In an effort to control exposure to outside sites, China has begun targeting virtual private networks (VPNs). 270 more words


How the New York Times is eluding censors in China

The New York Times’ English and Chinese-language websites have been blocked since an October 2012 article about the wealthy family of prime minister Wen Jiabao. But according to employees in the company, outside observers, and mainland Chinese readers, the Times is quietly pursuing a new, aggressive strategy to reach readers in China. 1,007 more words

The recent Github attack

Last Thursday (3/26/2014) a DDoS attack on the code sharing site github.org began, targeting github code pages for greatfire.org, a non-profit that mirrors the web content of sites censored by China, and cn-nytimes.com, a mirror of the Chinese version of the Times, also censored by China. 252 more words