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China is cracking down on the services that help people jump the Great Firewall

Internet users inside China who count on VPNs and proxies to cloak their location and access Gmail, Facebook, and other services restricted in China are finding it harder to jump the so-called “Great Firewall.” 545 more words

China and "404 Not Found"

The wall fences in a Chinese information prison where ignorance fosters ideologies of hatred and aggression. If the firewall exists indefinitely, China will eventually revert to what it once was: a sealed off, narrow-minded, belligerent, rogue state.

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Chinese censors have blocked 50 websites for "spreading rumors" about the Tianjin explosions

China’s internet watchdog has doled out punishments to 50 websites it says were “spreading rumors” about the massive chemical explosions that rocked the city of Tianjin last week. 268 more words

The Architecture of the Internet - Freedom Encoded

The early architects had a clear vision about what they thought the Internet should be. The folks who worked to create the Internet were largely technical liberals and they deliberately created some of what we consider the best aspects of the web today. 758 more words

The Industry

Google 'Alphabet' website blocked in China on first day


Google has unveiled a surprise corporate overhaul, forming a new parent company dubbed Alphabet to include Internet search and a handful of independent companies… 215 more words

Beijing - Day 1, Part 1

I arrived in Beijing from Hanoi ready to begin the final leg of my Asian adventure in China. I was looking forward to the Jinhua Homestay Project (and being in the same place for more than a couple of nights!). 834 more words


China's Government Will Embed Police In Its Largest Tech Firms

China already has some of the most stringent Internet restrictions in the world, but censorship is poised to become even more extreme.

Sites and social networks will no longer just be surveilled by… 353 more words