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China Presses Its Internet Censorship Efforts Across the Globe

SHANGHAI — Paul Mozur reports: Within its digital borders, China has long censored what its people read and say online. Now, it is increasingly going beyond its own online realms to police what people and companies are saying about it all over the world. 489 more words


China censors social media responses to proposal to abolish presidential terms - The Verge

More fun news from China today, this time on censorship! The Chinese government doesn’t like it when the peope disagree with well, anything the government says or does. 158 more words


Building a life in Shanghai

All buildings need a good foundation. This is what I have done to start my foundation for a good life in Shanghai:

VPN – I set this up before leaving the US. 192 more words

Day 2 in Hutong, Beijing: Confucius Temple, Imperial Academy, Tibetan Food and Yonghe Lama Temple

It’s so strange to suddenly wake up one morning and realise that you have no access to anything Google-related. A part of me feels relieved not to have to deal with the constant stream of emails and newsfeeds; another part of me is freaked out at how much I rely on Dr.Google to get the job done; and another part of me is not digging using Yahoo and Outlook. 1,210 more words

The Traveller's Diary

Day 1 in Beijing: first impressions, the Great Firewall and dumplings

I have arrived in Beijing, China. Who would have thought? China is one of those places that I’ve always admired from a distance, but never thought of actually visiting. 972 more words

The Traveller's Diary

More countries are use media to crack down on dissent, study finds - The Verge


This kind of report really pisses me off! The whole point of the modern internet is to be able to communicate with people who in the real world you’d probably never be able to. 185 more words


Twitter-happy Trump to enter China's Great Firewall

Beijing (AFP) – US President Donald Trump has tweeted energetically throughout his Asian tour so far, but in China he will likely be one of a select few to skirt the country’s ban on his cherished website. 725 more words