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An army of Chinese trolls has jumped the Great Firewall to attack Taiwanese independence on Facebook

The trolls planned their attack for 7pm, China time, on January 20. Members of Di Ba—one of the largest message boards on the internet—would organize into groups, leap over the Great Firewall to reach Facebook, and flood it with the message that Taiwan is part of China. 873 more words

TRASOG Products Accessible Through Great Firewall of China

And we’ve been doing it. Here is the proof.

While we know our viewership is down, have we mentioned we haven’t even made a content update or product promotion in almost a year? 7 more words

Burrowing Under the Great Firewall: Social Media in China

After a quick shower and change of clothes, my first priority upon arriving at the Rayfont Nanpu Bridge Hotel in Shanghai was updating the blog I created before my journey over the Pacific with news of my arrival. 825 more words


Scrying through the interface of water
Seeing to the end of the war
Seeing all we will accomplish
Creating tunnels through the network
Breaking down the Great Firewall… 73 more words

France looking at banning Tor, blocking public Wi-Fi

According to leaked documents France’s Ministry of Interior is considering two new proposals: a ban on free and shared Wi-Fi connections during a state of emergency, and measures to block Tor being used inside France. 589 more words

Internet giant reddit has declared war on Chinese Internet censorship

Internet giant Reddit may have declared war on the so-called ‘Great Firewall of China,’ which regularly blocks news sites considered ‘unfriendly’ to the Chinese government. 510 more words


The Great Firewall of Thailand

First published with Al Jazeera America, October 7, 2015

Tucked away in a coffee shop near Central Bangkok, Phannee Naksuk rushed behind her counter, sprinkling cinnamon on the foam of an iced latte that was beginning to wilt. 1,120 more words