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Burning down the house: the best way to end a family lineage

My dad always described his father’s side of the family as a bunch of sociopaths and his mother’s side as just plain psychotic. I thought he was exaggerating until I heard this story, which has been proven by various witnesses to be true (that is, you can’t make this shit up). 689 more words

Family Stories

Day 7: What do you want to be remembered for?

For me, this question is hard to answer because quite frankly, I don’t think I’ll be remembered, not after I die and for the most part, not during my life. 362 more words




Great-Grandfather was really father’s father and mother’s father, but when Frederick’s son came along, he was promoted to being called great-grandfather. Great-grandfather had much experience and liked the days of the past. 816 more words

Hans Christian Andersen!!

My favorite kind of sandwich is a great-grandparent sandwich.

I come from a long line of fantastic people and I have no intentions of ending that streak.

Dad's Birthday

October 7th would have been my dad’s 100th birthday. Ten years ago, in the summer before his 90th birthday, I made a pact with my daughters and their spouses to plan an early birthday party, on his turf. 406 more words



I just hung up the phone with  a distant relative who was very nice in reaching out to me when I asked a question involving his branch of the family tree. 260 more words