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The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life 

Often subtle changes take place within the circle of life.  They go unnoticed, we may not think of them or miss them altogether.   471 more words


Hello World, I am the Next Great Author

If you are reading this, you are witnessing the first part of my story as I journey into the world. Today is the perfect day to start an autobiography, May sixth, two thousand and fifteen, this is my final day of high school. 365 more words


A little family history...

So. That last cry of a departing owl. Now sunrise…

My father was drunk on wine and music when my cries announced my entry to this world. 504 more words


Producing my Final Print!

From all of my experimentation up to this point, for my final photograph I have compiled all the things I liked from previous images. This process took a long time and I will go through the steps that I undertook to achieve the final image. 728 more words

My Great Grandfather's Chess Set

My great-grandfather, George, was big part of my life as young child.  My paternal grandmother’s father, he was often at my grandparents’ house, visiting.  Every time, he would tell my cousins and me stories of his youth and his time in Germany.  1,400 more words


Dads With Little Lambs

In only a couple of weeks, days really, my father will visit from Arizona.  It will be the first chance that he’s had to meet four new great-grand-babies.  428 more words


On Death: Lolo

It was the year 2004. I was seven years old and my great-grandfather just died.

The heaviness of death wasn’t something I was able to perceive at that age. 298 more words

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