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Shabby Sunday: Tisha

Shabby Sunday was created by Mischenko @ Read, Rant, Rock & Roll, and is a meme to feature an old book on your bookshelf!  For my first ever Shabby Sunday I am going to spotlight “Tisha” by by Robert Specht: 286 more words


A Sign From Heaven In The Toy Aisle

When you lose a loved one, you look for signs from them everywhere. Every singing bird, every ray of sunshine, every penny you find on the ground. 569 more words

Mom Life


Today my grandma said her final Aloha and took her last breath. I can’t seem to grasp that it’s real. I mean all my life, she’s been there. 535 more words

For Mamas

Need a little quiet time?

Feeling tired, or overwhelmed? Drop by your great-grandma Carter’s place for an hour or two, and recharge!

How to find Grandma’s place
On a sunny fall day, pack a little lunch and a thermos of tea. 272 more words

Becoming a Minimalist: My Great Grandma

What is a minimalist? Can I call myself a minimalist? What led me to become a minimalist?

Hoarding runs through both lines of my family. I’ve grown up knowing my paternal great grandmother was a collector of things, but until I cleaned out her house over a 4 month period I really had no idea of the extent of her hoarding.  513 more words

Becoming A Minimalist

Geraniums Mean Home. Geraniums Mean Love.

The memory of walking up the steps to my great-grandmother’s bungalow as a young girl is still vivid to me now.  Every summer the wide, cement porch railing would be filled with geraniums.  341 more words


Logical answers to straightforward questions

This morning, Anson asked for a bowl of Fruit Loops. Sometimes, he likes to eat dry cereal with his fingers and sometimes, he prefers the classic milk+cereal+spoon setup. 50 more words