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Two Times Great, Grandma's Quilt

How would she have known that over 100 years ago when she started patching this quilt together, that her daughter would have finished the quilt. Then several years later her two times great grand son’s would be sleeping under that quilt. 42 more words

My Thoughts And Memories

in a bedroom with my great grandma I. she’s taking too long to die and we’re impatient so me and my father pack her up.  he asks me what it smells like in her room and i say, while pissing into a plastic bag, “it smells like urine.”  good, he says.   188 more words

The Weekend #2

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


After work Friday, Joe and I were both so exhausted. Not sure if daylight savings caught up with us or Liam’s lack of sleep lately or what but man we were tired. 347 more words


Down the Rabbit Hole

I got so wrapped up in Ancestry.com that I didn’t even post last week. This website is the absolute, be-all end-all of genealogy online research, as advertised. 808 more words


Women That Inspire Me (Part 1)

I have to separate this in three different blog posts and I will do this every other day so I won’t bomb-barred you and not fill up all your feed. 597 more words

Happy Chinese New Year

Baby’s first Chinese New Year! Isa got so many red envelopes and now that she’s seven months old, she’s got a killer grip to hold on to all those envelopes of cash. 43 more words


Picture it, Detroit 1947.

Disclaimer: I am my Nana’s great granddaughter, typing up everything she says and remembers. These life events happened, but maybe not quite how she says. She has onset Dementia and her memory isn’t as great as it used to be. 288 more words