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Amber, I'm not going to ask you again to take your spoon out of those poppy seeds!

Growing up, my great grandma would fuss at me every time I “helped” her make kolaches and goodness gracious that woman could make some kolaches! I have yet to fully enjoy a kolache like I used to, since she passed because, no one made them quite like her. 656 more words

Games, Games, and more Games with G.G!

There is someone we deeply love..

We call her G.G.

This past week we had the joy of being able to get all 10 of G.G.’s great grandchildren together for a very special reunion. 898 more words


“As all good stories should end, ours will transcend in time and seal our immortality”
My great-grandfather Lucas, spoke these words after every story he narrated, it eluded my feeble understanding because I thought of it literally. 768 more words


Road Trip 2015: Great-Grandma

Sometimes you have to leave home to find the things you need. I tested that theory at the end of June, when I took Betsy and Emily on a road trip through Iowa.  628 more words


The Rock

Isabel’s middle name is Rock after Grandma Wanchu Shih, or in Chinese, Shih Wan-chu. Her ‘Shih’ (石) is ‘rock’ in Chinese.

Grandma Shih is now 93-years old but still sharp as a tack.  311 more words


Offended, Because I Am A Woman

Today my Facebook news feed has been flooded with the bizarre Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner photo shoot from the recent Vanity Fair magazine.  The photos have been called “stunning.”  Yeah…I was certainly stunned.   532 more words


Kudos to the Kid

I just got to give kudos to my son, Brian (aka Bub). When
we visited my grandmother in the nursing home, he got to sit by our… 266 more words

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