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The Wedding

It was but a matter of time before I posted something about the whole big affair. My trouble has been concocting a connection to my Great Grandmothers in a sense more intimate than a posting of marriage records I have found.  1,425 more words


Great grandson pounds the life out of great grandma, laments not slaughtering his own mom 

A 23 year old man, Gary Bias has been accused for lethally beating his 82 year old great grandma, Ella-Nae Bias, to death and tying up his mother. 497 more words



It lies within hearts who have been loved, and hearts who know how to show, not tell, about love. It lies beneath veins in hands that have been used for cooking and cleaning and channeling inner struggles, and then inner temples of zen. 95 more words

Great Grandma Lucy

Great Grandma Lucy…yesterday was the 125th anniversary of her birth in 1891.  She left us back in December 1985, way back when I was in the 7th grade, yet there are seldom days she doesn’t come to mind and there are trigger scents that bring me back to her house circa late 1970’s.   526 more words


Garden Developments

I have a lot of material to post about because throughout July I’ve been doing a whole lot of things like Great Grandma, but today is dedicated to my garden update. 479 more words


Through the eyes of the little man

My grandma is 96 and on a good day will still ask me if I want the rips in my jeans sewn up!  I only wear them to get that reaction. 403 more words

Great Grandma's House

The girls are spending most of July in Taiwan, where Oma, Opa and Great Grandma Rock live! Isabel went to visit GG-Rock this afternoon and the two of them had so much fun. 10 more words