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A Loving Gift to Dad from his Youngest Daughter. January 15, 1930.

To Dad

Friends may come, and friends may go, the old friends and the new. But through the years I have come to know. That the best of them all is You. 92 more words


Evster is 9 – Watch out World!

I announced the birthday blog trilogy back on Feb 26, when Charlie turned 11. As I started thinking of what to say about Evy, I realized I wrote a tribute blog, … 199 more words

Oversleeping For Work | Getting Blamed At Work And Trying To Contact Great-Grandparents | Flying A Millionaire's Airplane(s)

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that in the dream I woke up in the morning to see that I was late for work, late enough that there was no reason going to work for the day, and so I was going to have to call The BP Library to apologize and let them know. 986 more words

Dream Journal


“She never forgave him for dying?”

“So close to their diamond wedding anniversary, you see. She missed out on their message from the queen.”

“She will not be happy now then.” Memory brought… 280 more words

Writing Prompt

uuuund: action! /action weekend

(English version follows below)

Wer nach einem Weg sucht, an einem einzelnem Wochenende möglichst viele (schöne!) Erlebnisse unterzubringen: hier ist unsere Variante!

Freitagmittag das ältere Kind etwas früher vom Kindergarten abholen und mit Sack und Pack und Leihauto (ein Audi A4, ei ei ei) Richtung Mitteldeutschland düsen, um die zwei Urgroßmütter väterlicherseits mit einem Besuch zu beehren. 824 more words


My Great Grandfather's Autograph Book. 1877 to 1891.

I hold the small book in my hand. I’ve sat down with it more than once, staring at the pages, reading the autographs accompanied by a few words, hoping the leather gold-embossed book will tell me its secrets. 889 more words


Blessings, Irony and Tears... March 3rd

Tomorrow marks exactly one year since my Pop moved on to Heaven.  I say that with confidence, because while my Pop was larger than life here, he was forever a humble, faithful servant of God and His people. 1,045 more words