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Grandparents: The Special Family Members

Grandparents can have a huge impact on their grandchildren as they grow up. I was fortunate in that I also had a set of Great-Grandparents. As I look back on my childhood, I can see that I inherited many things from each of my grandparents. 1,171 more words

Treasured memories with grandparents

“You sound like you had a terrible childhood reading your blogs,” my Mum said during our visit to my old home of Swindon this week. 816 more words


Family affair

Boxes, bags, chairs and remnants were piled into the trunk along with plastic containers and bits of brownies and crackers. Clean up from the shower was underway and the next big adventure would be a trip to the Oregon coast. 442 more words

My Great-Grandparents

I have thought to write about my father’s mother’s parents, my great-grandparents, to set down what I remember from talks with my grandmother and Uncle Bill. 1,511 more words

Intimacy And Family

Throwback Thursday

These are my great-grandparents, the Yunkers. Originally, it was Junker but when they came to the US it was changed, as were many surnames. I don’t know too much about them, except that they left Germany and went to Russia before coming to the US. 52 more words

Random Memories

Edouard/Edward/Eddie/Ed Dumas

The art of doing genealogy is not losing your mind when you come across families that used the same name over and over again. In a matter of seconds, a portion of the family tree can become so crisscrossed from attaching one wrong source to the wrong person. 320 more words

Family History

Being disappeared!

Ever noticed how in Western societies us old folk are sort of ‘disappeared’ by the following generations? I am not talking about family (that is another discussion) but by society as a whole. 391 more words

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