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Precursor to Giovanni and the start of the obsession 

I came home from Steamboat to hang out with Ken and his friends. James worked at A large birth side florist. He would work the bridal shows for them while I worked them for Sound Module. 1,148 more words

7 Habits Of People With Great Memories

Easy ways to protect and improve your memory

Protect and improve your memory the simple way: with easy lifestyle changes. To find out what habits really help, Australian researchers set up an online survey to test 29,500 people’s long-term memory (what happened 1, 5, and 20 years ago), working memory (what’s on a shopping list), and ability to hang on to others’ faces, names, and jobs. 55 more words


Happy Birthday George Harrison - You Were Part of My First and Best Concert!

When talk of first concerts comes up, I always sit quietly, smugly waiting for my chance. Then, as casually as possible I say, “My very first concert was a Beatles concert at Cleveland Stadium in 1966.” People’s jaws usually drop. 705 more words

Great Memories

Tender boat captains

I have a had a variety of experiences. I think sometimes I forget a lot of them. So when reflecting back on my friendship with Jennifer, I smile and laugh. 237 more words

The World's Greatest Sleepers

I was at work last week, fighting a nasty bout of  bronchitis and kept nodding off at my desk. I thought I was being very sly, but someone walked past, noticed and mentioned it to me. 529 more words

Great Memories

Memories of Smell

Memories of Smell

Memories of smell seem to linger on

Embedded in our minds long after they’re gone

The smell of Mom’s sugar cookies gooey and sweet… 178 more words


The end of a good era. What's next?

Today was hard. Very hard. It still is. It’s raw. I was not expecting the kind of emotion I have felt, which, by the way, kind of feels like a bad breakup. 539 more words