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Ironing? Bingewatch and Have a Cocktail

I wish I was royalty. Then I could just turn to a servant and say, “Jeeves, ¬†have this pressed for me at three.”

That would be nice, but the closest I ever got to royalty was a story floated around by someone that we Tunno’s could be descendants of Albanian Royalty. 1,051 more words

Random Thoughts

Shopping for Caskets

My long time friend Carolyn’s father passed away a few weeks ago and while I was telling him my final goodbye, I couldn’t help but notice what a nice casket he was in. 1,467 more words

Random Thoughts

Italian Bonding with Trader Pies and Easter Bread

Italian women bound into a flurry of baking activity before big holidays like Easter and Christmas. Then they rush their baked goods to friends and family, as though the holiday will not happen unless every last baked good is delivered. 1,462 more words

Great Memories

What if ?

My mind is currently on fire at the moment, I think it has something to do with the change in seasons – we are slowly moving into springtime here in the UK and the sun is actually shining for more than 2 minutes a day, and to me, everything is better when the sun shines bright! 966 more words

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The Adorable Mr. Quincy

Meet the adorable, cute, sweet little boy named Quincy! I have been fortunate enough to photograph him both professionally and personally the last two years. He’s simply the sweetest and I adore him. 32 more words


A Big "Stinger"

Today is the 23rd anniversary of my mom’s passing. She was a force of nature; making you crazy one minute, making you laugh the next. This story is proof. 989 more words

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Nineteen years in the making

¬†“You’re a dick”

“Yeah, well you’re a bigger dick”

“This is over!”

“Ohhhh this is soooo over!”

Slam goes the front door and off I storm, only to get to the top of the outdoor staircase. 935 more words

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