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I am the beautiful Goddess, I was Greek as a human, my name was Plashonetepleeasah, or “Plato“. I came as a male, I have many times, as philosophers, artists, and spiritual leaders. 18 more words


Punching water

Men who act out are having a disagreement with themselves. But the disagreement exists on one side only.  The Valley Spirit is unperturbed, heedless of the howling. 7 more words

Keith Ashford

Great Mother

Great Mother, will you offer a space for our stories?

Consider for just a moment the meaning of fate … individually and collectively. You / we may have been on the verge of cooperating with each other for the Earth for regeneration, for conversation about teachings floating about, beyond organic. 311 more words


The Goddess Cybele, Her Holy Week, and Troubled Times.

Today, a Sunday, is the twelfth day since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Today is also the beginning of Holy Week for a long-forgotten pagan religion. 568 more words

New Places And Spaces


The writer Hernàn Huarache Mamani wrote the key to entering the sixth humanity is in the hands of women. Sixth humanity, I take a moment and sigh, yes, exactly, I understand that we are in the fifth race (from the book of Dzyan – H. 358 more words

Wild Woman

Down with the patriarchy! (Oh wait you mean it's inside me??)

I’m pretty sure I’ve chanted “down with the patriarchy” at a march or rally at some point in my life. But I have to laugh when I think about that now because really it’s as though I was chanting this demand to… 1,090 more words


Strong, Strayed and Surviving

Having finished the second third of “The Wild”, by Cheryl Strayed, I have found several archetypal characters. For sure, The Great Mother would be Cheryl’s own mother, a woman that raised her in the most loving, caring, and protective way, and even after her death, comes back to Cheryl in dreams and memories, continuing to shape the woman she is becoming. 605 more words