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Those Who Love the Darkness

Many people in this world love the darkness. They love shadows and greed and corruption and evil. They worship money and status and the desire to control others. 501 more words

Spirituality And Faith

Looking Through the eyes of an eagle

Looking at the planet can give you perspective on your life and the planet’s life, knowing that your life and your mother’s life is forever intertwined with each other, knowing that your life and her life share the same destiny. 466 more words

Great Mother

great mother

Beautiful mother that gave life to all of us from her womb, tears of joy that overcame me, when I first saw her face for the first time, how divine she looked, what a true miracle that she was able to give us so many blessings not just to us but to all life forms, they all hold a special connection to her. 774 more words

Great Mother

Walk with Guadalupe

I have had a very strong connection with Our Lady of Guadalupe since 2000 when I went on a pilgrimage to her national shrine in Mexico City. 300 more words

New Beginnings

Pregnant Fragments

She makes no allowance

Allows no excuse

Straps in abeyance

An image obtuse

When words from strain

Plop into dust

All effects are vain

On motionless crust… 32 more words


Grandmother spills ancient secret to all humanity

She didn’t just tell all. She showed the world how to activate and use it. The secret: an intelligent energy system sleeps in everyone’s sacrum bone… 501 more words

Cybele, Attis and the Gallae

Magna Mater to the Romans, crazy Goddess to Greeks, beloved Mother Cybele to the common folk, the queers, outcasts and rebels. Worshipped from 600BC in Greece, 200 BC in Rome and then across northern Africa, southern Europe and up as far north as Britain for 700 years, her priest/esses were known as the Gallae… 3,164 more words