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Let's get started

So today was the day! Kid’s first day back at school and instead of reaching for the wine to celebrate the fact we all survived I dug out my running shoes. 830 more words

The lost runner

Every week so far in 2018, I have hit 100,000 steps, every week but last week that is.

Last week, my dad passed away.

I was at work (in York) when at 10:18 I got the call that it was time to get to the Hospice and say goodbye. 224 more words


Kinder Surprise... No Exercise

So with a positive start to the week receiving news about my confirmation for the great north run, I slowly started to plummet.

With what I though was my IBS playing up, it was actually a nasty virus, Dr said I probably picked it up through my ear and mixed with my depression probably made it feel ten times worse. 658 more words


The Journey Begins

Yesterday I received an email informing me I was successful in getting a place in the Great North Run. I’ll be honest my instant reaction was shit, I’m going to die! 957 more words

Pondering Inspiration: Great North Run is go.

This arrived in my inbox today…

You can’t say it was unexpected. I’d put in for the ballot, I knew the results were out this week. 494 more words


It just got serious (ish!)

Woohoo! I got a place in the Great North Run.  Never ever ever thought I would be jumping around my sitting room with glee, nearly in tears at the same time, about running a half marathon! 13.1 miles, eek!

I’m in...

So this morning I wake to find the following in my inbox….

Oh fuck is my first response, what have I let myself in for. 179 more words