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Well that’s three times I’ve ran now, I’m using the couch to 5k system and so far so good. It was cold tonight and drizzly almost snowing but I decided to feed myself a big cup of “man the hell up” and forced myself out into the wild. 125 more words


It starts

Well I’ve been asked to do the Great North Run so I’ve tried running. Sounds easy? Well no, it isn’t. I’m a 43 year old guy who has lost 12.5 stone in the last year following bariatric surgery and exercise scares the hell outta me. 230 more words


The joy of the trails

I’ve been a pavement pounder for years but in the last few months of 2015, i have been converted. I am a trail runner, i have the scratches on my legs and the mud on my trainers to prove it! 320 more words

Review of the Year – Part 3

‘I’m never, ever doing that again!’ I said cheerily as I finished the Yorkshire Marathon in 2013 (it’s worth adding that the ‘cheer’ was in fact forced/fake and was simply there to mask the pain/anguish/horror). 795 more words


Craghead cross country

Yesterday I got lost – and ended in a river, sorry streamlet, crossing it carrying my bike. I expected, again, that I would wake up feeling muscles that I had forgotten I had but I didn’t. 214 more words

My run for the NAS AND NSPCC 

It was going to happen sooner or later. The warm up wasn’t good, the mind full of doubt, the words of the physio ringing in my ears “look at doing something else other than running”, then the countdown on the running app ringing in my ears 5,4…. 789 more words


Inspiration: 'Blind' Dave Heeley

This article was written in Spring 2015.

Three words to describe ‘Blind’ Dave Heeley are: inspirational, modest, and adventurous. 892 more words

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