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My run for the NSPCC in the Great North Run 2015

Torture seems an extreme word but 2 miles into the run that’s what it felt like, over a years training hadn’t prepared me for the shear scale of the climb as Sheffield half marathon runners ran for the hills on Sunday. 573 more words

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This time last year I was wondering what I should do before I turned 40. Have a David Bowie party, obviously.* But I also wanted to take part in the Great North Run. 467 more words



Of all the sports in the world the one for me is swimming. I love swimming. I’m as buoyant as a recently dead dolphin and underwater, I’m as acrobatic as a penguin. 770 more words

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My run for the NSPCC in the Great North Run 2015

Todays the day, 13.1 miles and up what seems like Mount Everest. It has crept up on us like a stalker, and suddenly it’s here, today and it’s now or never. 145 more words


My run for the NSPCC in the Great North Run 2015

The training has taken me places this last month or so, from Bangledesh with all its idiosyncrasies, to the mystical island off Sark and the beautiful place that is Guernsey to somewhere that is becoming familiar, Margate. 566 more words


Get Cape, wear cape, fly.....

April fools day – wow how quick is this year going?! This month I celebrate my last twenties birthday eeeeeeek!!! Yes on the 21st April I’ll be turning 29!! 368 more words

Great North Run

Pain Soon Forgotten!?

By Hilary Jones

Yesterday I took part in the 26th Brooks Paddock Wood Marathon.  This is the third time I’ve run this particular course and regrettably, it wasn’t third time lucky.   23 more words