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A Stitch In Time

As I lay in my bed this morning, during that dreamy time before rising (assuming that you have the luxury of being able to rise whenever you are ready, and not to the tune of some intrusive alarm), when thoughts tend to flow freely, I engaged my mind in some interesting thoughts.  981 more words

Issues I Care About

Luis Luz - What makes me smile

Once I was asked about the kind of things that excite me the most in my professional life. I pointed out three things:

  1. Gaining the preference of our target market, as the result of both our positioning and reliable relationship created with our clients;
  2. 250 more words

Behanzin's Letters to the French President

Here are letters written by King Behanzin to the French president about his kingdom, his land, and French attacks to force him into war. The originals can be found in French archives, and Benin Archives; the translations from French to English are by Dr. 351 more words

Great People

Chapter 11, Page 317 of 365

Did some recording just now. Met more great people. Captured some great gameplay. I already got over 10 hours+ of archived gameplay to look through plus today’s and some other as well. 25 more words

Lunch on Bell Island

Once we got off the Choppy ocean, we decided on getting a feed of dicks.. which in english means basically grabbing a bite to eat at a restaurant called Dicks. 205 more words


Manoj Bhargava - The Entrepreneur Philanthropist


Dear New York Public Radio,

Many of you reading this don’t know me and, chances are, I don’t know you.  I never took that initiative to really seek people out and create relationships outside of my department.   405 more words

Living Life