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The Creeper

You know how it is, the man leads, the woman follows. The children are born, they should follow.

Our son was 22, quite useless, his mind was never in studies only play, play, play all the time. 465 more words

Idris Alooma: Warrior King of the Bornu Empire

Today, I will be talking about Idris Alooma (also Idris Alaoma, or Idris Alauma), the only Bornu King whose name has survived the test of time. 760 more words

Great People

Smile! Antonio Paraíso

Today I would like to present an interview with an incredibly smart, sharp, very positive person – Antonio Paraíso.  I would like to say that I relate to Antonio’s story so well. 537 more words

Smile Moments

'To My Homeland' by Huda Sha'arawi

The poem below ‘To My Homeland’ by Huda Sha’arawi shows her love for her country and the extent to which she is willing to fight for her country’s well-being, for her country’s dignity.  365 more words

Great Moments


Likes, comments and fame do not define you. What defines you are your Words.What defines you  is your Worth. What defines you is your Content. #KeepOn… 725 more words

Huda Sha'arawi: Egypt's Great Feminist

Today, we will be talking about Huda Sha’arawi (also Hoda Shaarawi, or Hoda Charaaoui), one of Egypt’s top feminists. She was a pioneering Egyptian feminist… 870 more words

Great Moments

'We Should All Be Feminists' by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

What is the definition of feminism? Is it the same when applied to African women? Is there such a thing as African, or Asian, or European feminism?  230 more words

Great Moments