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Thomas Sankara Speech on Debt and Unity

This past weekend saw the anniversary of Thomas Sankara’s assassination. In memory of this great man who graced our continent. I decided to repost his… 184 more words

Great Moments

Yaa Asantewaa or the Ashanti Cry for Freedom

On 17 October 1921, the great Ashanti warrior queen Yaa Asantewaa passed away. Her story is that of a queen who rallied masses to fight for their independence; hers is a story of courage, determination, and stamina.  836 more words

Great Moments

Perth-Part 6-reconnecting

After wallowing in the Perthness of Perth we had the chance to reconnect with so many people. It was a privilege to once again meet and visit with so many friends and follow up on their lives and adventures. 416 more words

The Book of Birmingham: Adding Martin Luther King Jr's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" to the Bible

I would like to see Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” (1963) added to all new Bibles.

I don’t propose this lightly.  Three times in the Bible, in three different places, listeners (and they wouldn’t have been readers) are exhorted not to add to, or take away, from specific books.  1,923 more words


Pat Rousseau Fought Hard for Everyone

The woman in the middle is Pat Rousseau and this past Sunday, she died. This photo was our first, with Mary Malone, and only meeting of the Sunday Afternoon Neon Movies Watching Group, called The Neon Nexus, which was going to be a summer long movie watching group.   1,226 more words


Dear friends,

This is just a quick post to ask you this: do you have any idea how amazing you are? Really! Bob Proctor said that “You have unlimited potential within you”.   194 more words

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