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Le Message de Serena Williams aux Femmes

Sous l’insistance de mes nombreux amis, je publie ici le message très important de Serena Williams à toutes les femmes du monde. Ceci est de Yahoo News website. 495 more words

Great People

Serena Williams Open Letter to All Women

Serena Williams wrote a powerful open letter “to all incredible women who strive for excellence” about gender and sexism for the December issue of Porter magazine. 415 more words

Great People

Fidel Castro: Ideas cannot be Killed!

 « ¡ Las ideas no se matan ! » « Ideas cannot be killed ! »

This is the sentence shouted out to the killing squad which was about to execute Fidel Castro on 26 July 1953, and this saved him. 883 more words

Great Moments

Fidel left on Constitution Day 

Yesterday, 26th of November was Indian Constitution Day which should be observed same as Independence Day and Republic Day but I see most of people are Happy-Ignorants on Whatsapp & Facebook. 66 more words

Happy New Year, रूपांतरण

Kisah Sunan Ampel Berjalan di Atas Air

Dalam perjalanan dakwahnya, Kanjeng Sunan Ampel bertemu dengan seorang pertapa di pinggir sungai. Laki-laki berpenampilan kusut masai ini terlihat berlari dari pinggir ke tengah sungai. Berulang kali. 365 more words

Games - Who 's who

5-9 Yrs & 9-12 Yrs

Value Inculcated: Knowledge about great people

Materials Required:
Pictures of great people in different fields. (eg. Mahatma Gandhi, Swami
Vivekananda , Sunil Gavaskar etc.) 43 more words


Treaty of Wuchale: The Treaty which led to European Colonialism's Defeat in Africa

In Africa, Ethiopia is the only country which was never colonized by a European power. This was the result of the famous Battle of Adwa… 1,229 more words

Great Moments