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The Great Musician

The first night we stayed in a Ger with a nomadic family. The village we stayed is in Dundgovi (Mittel Gobi). The village is very small with only a dozen families. 522 more words


The world needs you

I am surrounded by people doing great things in this world.

I always believed deep down inside that I was not born to sit on the side, like I was born to do something great. 228 more words


James from Jersey

James is an awesome guy. I met him in Wakai, one of a small group of remote islands in North Sulawesi, Indonesia called the Togian Islands. 2,304 more words



CONGRATULATION TO OUR OWN WOMAN, Mrs Amina MOHAMMED, Nigeria minister of environment.

Man shall not be judged by the color of his skin, but rather,by the products of his thought. 121 more words


Le Message de Serena Williams aux Femmes

Sous l’insistance de mes nombreux amis, je publie ici le message très important de Serena Williams à toutes les femmes du monde. Ceci est de Yahoo News website. 495 more words

Great People

Serena Williams Open Letter to All Women

Serena Williams wrote a powerful open letter “to all incredible women who strive for excellence” about gender and sexism for the December issue of Porter magazine. 415 more words

Great People

Fidel Castro: Ideas cannot be Killed!

 « ¡ Las ideas no se matan ! » « Ideas cannot be killed ! »

This is the sentence shouted out to the killing squad which was about to execute Fidel Castro on 26 July 1953, and this saved him. 883 more words

Great Moments