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Description of Kong, Capital of Samori Touré, in 1892

Below is a description of Kong, the last capital of Samori Touré, by a French explorer back in 1892. In 1892, it was a delight to the eyes, and even the French explorers and conquerors were stunned by its beauty! 210 more words

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Who, What, When, Where & Wine?

Why am I writing this blog?

I guess you could say it’s a broad-range creative outlet. I’d like to have a blog about food and a blog about fitness. 244 more words


The post 'Cliff Burton' Metallica...is it or was it ever disharmonious?

I can’t decide whether the primary factor in play is obstinacy or sensitivity but even though it’s more than 31 years since Cliff was taken from Metallica and everything else he cherished, I still don’t listen to the music they make without him much at all, if ever… 205 more words

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RSO Campus Grow

Planting is perhaps the most relaxing thing besides taking a nap. I found a club on campus ALL by myself and I couldn’t be happier. Campus Grow is one of the reasons why we have beautiful garden areas around campus. 197 more words


Great Quote on Shaka Zulu by Miriam Makeba

The British often talk of Shaka Zulu as the ‘Black Napoleon’, but I think that Napoleon was a white Shaka!” Miriam Makeba

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French Colonies in Africa: Dahomey under French Protectorate

Below is the notification by Alfred-Amédée Dodds from the French Republic stating that the Kingdom of Dahomey is now under the Protectorate of the French Republic, with the exception of Whydah and certain other territories, which were declared by a French Notification issued on the 3rd December, 1892, to be annexed to France. 178 more words

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