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We all know there is ugliness in this world.  You see it on T.V.; hear it on the radio, and witness it in the Costco check out lines.   225 more words

Santa Was Lookin' Out: Xmas In July

The irony. A race themed after my least favorite holiday becomes the best race of my life…in many ways.

I arrived in Lisle, IL (a Chicago suburb) five hours before the race start so I could be ready.   2,205 more words

Dear New Job,

Three days into this job and my desk is already cluttered.  I already hear people saying, “I don’t know, ask Olivia.”

And you allow me to wear jeans. 127 more words

Living Life

Coffee mood for winners

Haters gonna hate your good vibe and your positive mood ❤️😍🙈

So, do your best to be the best ❤️❤️❤️


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Enjoy Moments

Dinner at New Glarus Hotel--

BAM!  A polka band is playing, old folks are dancing, families are gobbling, and we are extremely happy to be here.  Dinner at the New Glarus Hotel restaurant is the thing to do on a Saturday night in “America’s Little Switzerland”. 192 more words


Queen Abla Pokou

Just to add a bit more to the story of Queen Abla Pokou, the outstanding queen who led a group of the Ashanti people who later became the Baoule people of Cote d’Ivoire, I leave you here with a snipet of the 3D movie: POKOU Princesse Ashanti.

Great People

Queen Abla Pokou and the Origin of the Baoule People

The story of Queen Abla Pokou (Abla Poku in English) is the story of the creation of the Baoule people of Côte d’Ivoire. She was a strong and loving queen who made a profound sacrifice for the well-being of her people, and thus was granted their deep love. 647 more words

Great People