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A Bill of Mortality (and a peck of snails)

This Bill of Mortality is a dense document, crammed with facts and figures on death and disease in seventeenth-century England. The English started collecting data on numbers of births and deaths and causes of death in the sixteenth century as a way of tracking potential plague epidemics. 2,712 more words

August 2014 Book of the Month: Medicatrix by Mary Trye (1675)

Medicatrix is a rare example of a medical text written by a woman in the early modern period. It is a dogged vindication of the medical practices and political beliefs of her father, Thomas O’Dowde. 229 more words

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Unconfessional and Unbiblical are two different accusations

Thomas Vincent on the Shorter Catechism


An early work on the Shorter Catechism was produced by the little-known Puritan Thomas Vincent in which he sets out a clearer understanding of the meaning of terms and theology of the Assembly which drew up the catechism. 272 more words

Digital Flythrough the Streets of 17th century London

A team of six students from De Montfort University taking part in the Crytek Off the Map project  have built a 3D representation of 17th century London before The Great Fire of 1666. 48 more words


Reading List: The Black Death

Whilst it is not essential to do any background reading before the course begins, you may find it useful to do so. The reading list below contains books that you can read. 325 more words



Commensal rodents constitute a majority of the rodent problems in both commercial and residential properties. Commensal rodents consist of the Norway Rat, the Roof Rat, and the notorious House Mouse. 633 more words


Chinese super-rat found

A fossil of the oldest known ancestor of modern rats –  an agile creature that could climb, burrow and eat just about anything –  has been unearthed in China, scientists said on Thursday. 263 more words