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Fall has fallen!!

Well fall is officially here and the girls have started helping with yard work already….they have really been giving it their all!!
No sis I said roll the other way!! 15 more words


Do the Double Dew

Have you ever noticed something unusual about Jeep’s back feet?  If not, next time take a closer peek.  She won’t mind.  In fact Jeep is proud of her feet.   240 more words

Princess Molly

Why yes mum as a matter of fact all princesses cross their paws when they lay down….


Big Dog

What is that I see?  Yarrow fits in the big dog harness!!!  This is a huge deal for both of us.  This harness belonged to my first SDiT (I had to give him up because I broke out in a horrible rash if he touched me, I am now being tested for MCAD).  151 more words


Yarrow is 34weeks old.  She still loves Freyja best.  Freyja is not sure how she feels about that.  We’ve been doing more work on fitting in small spaces.  15 more words