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Playtime is equally as important as training to a young and growing dog.  Yarrow loves running and playing with her sister Freyja.  Now that the weather is getting cooler (high 80’s and 90’s instead of 100) it is far nicer for running in the yard.  95 more words

Another trip to Petsmart

We took another short trip to Petsmart for a weigh in and to continue exposure to people and other animals.  Yarrow did even better this time than she has in the past with ignoring other dogs and people.  371 more words


Ok so you caught me snuggling with little sis….she just pushed her way up here what was i supposed to do?

I was just about to yell for help but….is that a squirrel? 8 more words

Here comes fall...

It’s about that time again when the leaves will be falling, the air will be crisper and the girls will be “helping” with yard work again! 7 more words

Halloween Photos, and Pupdates

We decorate early for Halloween in our home.  Halloween is my favorite Holiday, I would keep my deorations up year round if I could.  Tim lets me decorate early because it makes me happy and helps pick me up when my health is doing poorly (like it is right now).  69 more words


31weeks, and Yarrow’s first vest!  Poppy decided to photobomb, she loves pictures (and food).  Yarrow was extra serious during training today with her new vest, she seemed to know the vest meant something.  She always impresses me.


30weeks  another late post.