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Happy Gotcha Month!

February is a very special month in our household. Not only does my birthday fall in February but on February 4th 2013 we adopted Elsa into our lives and on February 13th 2016 Ludo joined our family! 72 more words

Great Pyr

Pros and Cons to a Great Pyrenees

Giant breeds are the best. So sorry for the somewhat Bias list.

If you follow my blog you are well aware I have Great Pyrenees pooch. 959 more words


Lily White

I was worried Belle was getting worked to hard with all this land and that she had to much to protect.  I sure do wish she could speak words to me and just give me all the answers. 890 more words


Welcome to Dogland

In 2010, I wrote a post welcoming a wonderful, most majestic and decidedly imperious member to my family. This is a different kind of post… 749 more words


Polar Belle

Polar Belle is an almost 7 year old Great Pyrenees. After we brought Mason home the neighbor and his son came over to check him out. 788 more words


New Gear 50weeks

Yarrow is 50weeks

Some new gear arrived so we tried it on.  She is definitely growing, I had to adjust her harness.  She hasn’t worn it since the Day of the Dead event, all of her outings have been in her other vest.  35 more words


Some days I need a little bit of help but the wheelchair is too much, or just inconvenient to use.  Enter the rolator.  We purchased this primarily for use in places like Scarborough Fair where trying to use the wheelchair would be almost impossible but walking all day without help is almost impossible for me.  34 more words