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サンタクルーズのクリスマスパレードにクロンダイクが出ます! それも、たっくさんの白くてふわふわしたお友達と一緒に。 Santa Cruz Christmas Parade は12月3日、朝10時から正午ごろまで。



My name is Baxter ...

and I’m in trouble.

First off, let me say that it wasn’t my fault; not entirely, anyway.

I am eight months old and am pretty big for my age. 849 more words


The Sketchbook Project and My Suzie Q

The Art House in Williamsburg, NY has a unique ongoing creative project called the Sketchbook Project where artists create sketchbooks that are housed in their Art Library. 843 more words


Lucy & I.

Lucy is my 2.5 year old Great Pyrenees. She was the most adorable fluff ball when I got her and she quickly became a great canine companion. 331 more words


Sweet Molly

Sorry I haven’t written anything in awhile but I needed to work myself up to it again. On November 6 we lost our beloved Miss Molly after a year of battling canine lupus and severe allergies. 102 more words


Spoonie Life

Sometimes I like to try to forget that I am sick.  I push myself too hard and try to do too many things.  When that happens life has a way of catching up with me.  77 more words

In the Yard

The rain is gone, the weather is nice again, hubby mowed.  You know what that means, puppy play time in the yard.  All 4 of the beasties accompanied me into the yard for some frolic time.  23 more words