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Sneak Peak: Grace Adeline

Six years ago, I had the privilege of taking photographs of a beautiful Great Pyrenees named Nellie. She was an animal very dear to the heart of her owner, and she was also a dog who worked as a therapy dog. 92 more words


Foster tails - Miss Scarlett - Part 5

If you missed it, previous posts of Miss Scarlett are here, herehere, and here. This time, I wanted to talk about some of the challenges we have encountered and the progress Scarlett has made so far. 765 more words


February Vacation 2018

I don’t think I could survive without these vacations.  It took me until yesterday (7 days in!) to feel like a normal person again.  I spent the first two days washing dishes, picking up my clutter and doing laundry.  328 more words


To my 4 legged friend...

I sit here as I have just finished throwing out the rest of the medications you used to take. As I lift your collar and hear the jingling of your tags one last time. 1,050 more words


Foster tails - Miss Scarlett - Part 4

If you missed it, previous posts of Miss Scarlett are here, here, and here. This time, we are sharing Nomial’s side of the story. 395 more words


Dog Food Dilemmas and the Vegetarian Dog

It has been several years since I have written about dog food because I haven’t had a canine running around since our last big farm.  I was worried then, I am worried now.  560 more words


Vet Clinic Chronicles Day 16


I just got a job in the Social Media career! I start tomorrow! I’m so excited!

After I had my breakfast, I went to my usual fishing spot in Brindleton Bay! 424 more words

The Sims