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What's In a Name

I have over a decade of experience naming foster animals, and then after deciding on two human names, I felt tapped out. After deciding on names with my husband for our daughters, I’m very glad we didn’t always have to agree on foster animal names! 219 more words


Back from the Vets; a Dog Saga

Polar “Snowflake” O’Bear Puppy came back from the vets this morning. Mindy was delighted to see her, wagged her tail and did her little Mindy dance. 958 more words


Night One with a Great Pyrenees

When the crate training was clearly a fail, I wondered, “How am I going to be sure the puppy is OK through the night? That she doesn’t get into things she shouldn’t and possibly hurt herself?” I honestly don’t worry much about cleaning up after dogs. 577 more words


Day One with a Great Pyrenees

If you have a Great Pyrenees or have ever had one please tell me everything you know. I have never even met a dog like this one. 607 more words


Polar Bear T. Puppy

The puppy is here visiting for the day! I have a lot of stuff lined up tomorrow and am not prepared to keep her yet, so I’ll be taking her back to the shelter in a little while. 634 more words


The Mystery of Teddy Bear

When you get a rescue dog, I think most people are curious about what the dog’s story is.  Sometimes, if the dog was surrendered, you have some information.   1,316 more words

Animal house.

Between my big belly and snoogle fighting for space in our bed and D battling this cold all week I made the call this weekend to set up residence in our spare bedroom. 126 more words