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Age Doesn't Matter

Joey is a ten year old Labrador/Great Pyrenees mix.  He is still a spunky dog; however, his spunkiness doesn’t last as long as it once did. 37 more words

A love letter to Ralphie

My sweet, dear Ralphie,

What a glorious five months we have had together!

How do I begin to thank you for helping me “step out of my comfort box” this winter?   1,242 more words

Higgins Beach


Nothing quite shakes the pain of losing something that loved you unconditionally.
We only had her for a little while, but she was every bit… 614 more words


The Power of Cats

We adopted Clary in 2015.  A year later we drove to Kentucky (from Pennsylvania) with Clary to adopt Quinn.   They hit it off in the first minute.  235 more words

Lifes Observations


No, this post is not about large, antlered creatures. This post is about a little, goofy, fluffy, fur ball – named Moose!

Matt and I did not have any plans to get a dog for  292 more words


He Who Gets the Last Laugh, or That Dog Looks Just Like You

You know you’re big time when my mum names a dog after you. Bob Krall, or Papa Bob, as he was known in our house, passed away a few years back, but he lives on in the giant white fluffball that occupies a substantial corner of my mother’s heart. 414 more words


Living with a Pyrenees

Here is an interesting observation.  Every sound in and around our house has the exact same ending.  An example?  Okay, a bird chirping in a tree sounds like this, “Tweet…tweeet….twweeeWOOF WOOF GGRRRR WOOF WOOF!”  A car pulling into a driveway four houses down sounds like this, ‘VroooWOOF….WOOFWOOFWOOOF…GRRRWOOF’.   301 more words

Lifes Observations