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Hero's Journey

This is not the story of your classic hero. Not Luke Skywalker, not Hercules, nothing a la Joseph Campbell.

This is the story of a special Great Pyrenees, a giant of a dog with a giant, loving, bruised heart. 1,473 more words


Three Dog Day and Night

 Sometimes, when The Cook is walking one of her dogs around the neighborhood, she will pass someone who looks once, looks twice. It isn’t because of her jaunty appearance (cue patterned running tights and fleece), she knows. 883 more words


Dogs are a digitigrade species: they walk on their digits. Paws have four digits that make contact with the ground, but sometimes their is an inside digit higher up that doesn’t connect with the ground. 424 more words


The Road to EMPOWERMENT: Luigi's Story

A few months ago, I was contacted to help a young Maremma/Great Pyrenees mix. Luigi, who was a year old neutered male, had developed aggression towards people who came into the pasture with his owner; his behavior was becoming a serious problem. 1,310 more words

Dog Empowerment