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The Great, Great Pyrenees (traits and fun facts)

I love the individual traits of dogs.  I am fascinated that certain characteristics could be bred into a dog over thousands of years.  I enjoy watching those traits emerge.  862 more words


The New Year, slush, snow, shopping, and some legal drugginess

I’m enjoying the Vicodin after some long-overdue dental work.  Hail, a new year of dental insurance!  Hail, not spending boat and travel dollars on teeth!  Hail, my catlike old pup! 1,089 more words


When you're cold, they are cold...or maybe not

When you’re cold, they are cold…or maybe not

It’s that time of year again when you’ll be seeing lots of posts on social media about bringing your pets inside. 234 more words

Dog Care

The Urban Farm Dog (meet Gandalf)

He’s here!  Eleven weeks old and thirty-three pounds of fluff.  (And muscle and baby teeth and mischief!)

He is a gentle giant.  My granddaughter ran into the house laughing yesterday to meet the new addition.  109 more words


Can Christians Learn From Odin's Example?

Relax, not the Norse “god” Odin, but rather Odin the dog. Odin isn’t an ordinary dog. Odin is a working dog, a Great Pyrenees, a livestock guardian over a heard of eight bottle fed dairy goats. 782 more words


The Incredible Story of Odin the Dog

Today I want to share an incredible story. As you’ve probably heard, there have been terrible wild fires in California. Odin is one of two great Pyrenees who take turns guarding his family’s eight goats from coyotes & mountain lions. 275 more words