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Killing Cupid by Louise Voss and Mark Edwards

Four stars (of five)

Voss and Edwards tap into both the light and dark sides of love in his joint venture. Alex Parkinson finds himself fancying his creative writing teacher, Siobhan McGowan. 362 more words

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Something For Your Daughter... From a Mother of 2 Daughters

In my “Book Reviews” section, I have something new I’m doing that I wanted to let you know about. The name of the “Book Reviews” tab has changed to… 848 more words


New Books, Freebies, and Being Awake Way Too Early

Good morning, sunshine! It’s spring, FINALLY, and my internal clock is so excited about that fact, it’s decided I should be up at dawn EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY. 259 more words

All Fall Down (Kate Maddox #2), by Louise Voss and Mark Edwards

Four and-a-half stars (of five)

Voss and Edwards return to provide another Kate Maddox medical thriller. Two years after crossing paths with a crazed collection of virus-toting scientists, Maddox is back with her now-boyfriend Paul and son Jack. 439 more words

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The Lincoln Letter (Fallon #5), by William Martin

Four stars (of five)

The Fallon series continues with another Martin classic, focussed on the US Civil War and its central character, Abraham Lincoln. When a letter surfaces, potentially the last he ever penned, in which Lincoln asks that a bureaucrat in the War Department return his personal date book, Fallon is pulled into the middle of the mystery and asked to locate the whereabouts of the original letter and the aforementioned piece of history to which it eludes. 557 more words

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Recommended Read: How I reached 165k+ monthly visitors by following these 9 rules

  Source: https://siteanalytics.compete.com/optimizesmart.com/#.VSoviPnF8po Content marketing is not something which excites me much these days. What prompted me to write this article is the volume of misleading information floating across the internet regarding growing a blog exponentially. 47 more words


City of Dreams (Fallon #4), by William Martin

Four stars (of five)

Martin returns with another stellar novel in the Fallon-Carrington series. America is weighed down by the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, with China finally refusing to bail them out. 321 more words

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