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Recommended Read: Vaccine R&D Leaders [infographic]

Vaccines have been all over the news lately, well I guess those against vaccines. Like today’s infographic states, vaccines are the most effective public health invention of all time. 34 more words


Currently At My Bedside

Oprah just named her 2.0 Book Release, RUBY, by Cynthia Bond.  Immediately I was drawn to it because it is my mother’s name and it is based in my home state of TEXAS… I just gotta read it… 24 more words


Recommended Read: The Tableau Performance Checklist

Ask Tableau users what they love most about Tableau, and they’ll likely say it’s the ability to create stunning data visualizations quickly and easily. Tableau was designed with usability in mind, apparent in its approachable interface, yet behind that interface lies a powerful collection of components capable of cranking out complex data visualizations at lightning speed. 924 more words


Role-play and an Awesome Read!

So here’s the thing.

I’m going to write about two totally different and unrelated things because they’re both things I want to share with you and they happened around the same time. 1,066 more words


Google now converts Flash ads to HTML5 automatically

Google is about to make Web ads a little less annoying. Starting today, the company will automatically convert Flash campaigns to HTML5. Campaigns will automatically be swithcd over to HTML5 when uploaded through AdWords, AdWords Editor or some third party tools.  77 more words


The Hunting Dogs, by Jorn Lier Horst

Four and a half stars (of five)

Horst’s English translated novels keep getting better, filled with more character development and action with each passing chapter. After putting a child murderer away seventeen years earlier, Chief Inspector William Wisting is stunned to learn that he’s been blamed with a false arrest and the planting of evidence. 330 more words

Great Reads!

The ATL: Making Faces by Amy Harmon

For my first post I’m tackling Making Faces, undeniably one of my all time favorite books which I will be categorizing as The ATL: All Time List, books that left a mark. 865 more words

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