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I remember...The Great Rift Valley...

I only started this blog a few years ago. Before that, I used to keep a journal but, due to some events that took place a few years back, no longer have those. 291 more words

Head back to where we came from - Great Rift Valley, Africa

The great rift valley in Uganda. Perhaps not as famous as it’s Kenyan cousin but equally as impressive. It is often referred to as the ‘cradle of mankind’ due to the large number of early human fossil remains found here. 71 more words


Is Jubilee Party Campaign Team For Rift Valley a Hit or Miss?

Since independence, Bonde La Ufa is the largest province with the highest population in Kenya. It is occupied largely by Kalenjin people and history has it that the people of the Valley contribute significantly not only to the country’s food security and the GDP, but also to the winning presidential support whose vote has never failed to take its favourite candidate to the State House. 701 more words


Ngong Hills... Seven Hills in Maasailand

Ngong Hills was always a popular destination for school trips. Of course I always looked for excuses not to go. Reasons are obvious. So when we included it in our Trek List for Summit Seekers, I was excited and curious to take it on. 661 more words

2016 - This Year Is Mine!

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits Tanzania as new tectonic plates are forming

A 5.7 magnitude earthquake on the Richter Scale has hit northern Tanzania this afternoon, 15:27 local time (12:27 GMT). Damage is extensive and the death toll is likely to rise as the impact of the earthquake is made more severe by its shallow focus (10km) and the fact that the epicentre is in a populated region with poorly constructed buildings: … 83 more words

Geography In The News

On The Mountain Of God

    Tanzania’s Ol Doinyo Lengai is the Mountain of God to the Masai people who live in its shadow. So central is this iconic mountain to their folklore that these East Africans venerate it as the maker of the world. 1,126 more words