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Couple swims seven hours to reach safety after sailboat gets stuck in Great Salt Lake

GREAT SALT LAKE, Utah — A man and woman from Ogden were forced to abandon ship when their sailboat got stuck in the shallow waters of the Great Salt Lake. 381 more words


DNR investigating after sailboat abandoned with note in Great Salt Lake

UPDATE: DNR personnel said late Wednesday night they spoke with witnesses who reported seeing two people swimming from a boat and coming out of the water in good condition Monday. 318 more words


The Great Salt Lake

Friday morning, we woke up and Wendi noticed the Piano Guys were putting a concert on in Salt Lake City the following night. The Piano Guys is one of Wendi’s favorite groups, and we’ve listend to them a lot in the few years we’ve been together. 209 more words


From the Salt Lake to lonely roads and mountains

The Lincoln Highway runs south from Layton towards central Salt Lake City and then turns west to the lakeshore where it joins I80. Commuters were heading into the city as we left our hotel yesterday morning but we lost them when we turned towards the lake and stopped off at the Saltair Resort Pavilion. 585 more words


Great Salt Lake

This was by far the best of our adventures to date. I scored a repeated “This is dope!!,” from Aiden, a “Mom, this is completely awesome.,” from Little and “Very cool, we’ll have to come back again.,” and “I’m going to parkour those rocks.,” from Drix. 710 more words


The Great Salt Lake

We did not complete the entire Lincoln Highway route in Northern Utah which extends via I84 to Ogden and then turns south as yesterday’s drive was very long. 318 more words


Antelope Island (and visiting the Great Salt Lake)

Rob called me crazy when I told him I was planning on going for a five and a half hour bike ride on Monday… two days after another five and a half hour bike ride. 1,364 more words