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Abstract Landscape - Rock, Salt, and Water

Layer upon layer of rock, salt, and water floating in the Great Basin as if a grand melee of rafts, unmoored and unbound by our perceptions of depth.

Aerial Photography

A Retreat Outside of Salt Lake City: Antelope Island State Park

At this point in our travels, we had just spent several weeks in the captivating deserts of southeastern and central Utah. As we headed north into the “land of milk and honey”, we realized just how diverse a state Utah is and how different it is as you go north (and I thought North and South Jersey were different!). 686 more words


A Chilean Flamingo on the Loose

“You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.” – Isadora Duncan

They Called Him Pink Floyd

In 1987, a Chilean flamingo escaped from Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City, Utah, then he, or she, eluded all efforts to be recaptured. 254 more words


"Let's go back 149 million years to when dinosaurs roamed the Earth..."

I had anticipated having an early night in order to rise earlier, however our bodies do not want to fall asleep any time before midnight/1am! We ended up watching a dreadful film called ‘search party’ last night. 1,774 more words


Sunset at the Great Salt Lake

Several years ago, I enjoyed daily trips to the Great Salt Lake; whether it was at Salt Air or Antelope Island State Park or up North to the Spiral Jetty – that all changed once I moved further away from the lake. 234 more words


A Stately Lake

Hey Kids,

Never ask a local about the Great Salt Lake, because most have never been there. It’s bigger than the state of Delaware, and yet hidden in plain sight. 285 more words


DNR helps bison herd recover after last year's wildfire at Antelope Island

GREAT SALT LAKE — It’s been a rough year for animals on Antelope Island, and though the Department of Natural Resources usually lets nature take its course, they say this year they had to get involved. 355 more words