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Lack of water forcing boats to be removed from Great Salt Lake

TOOELE COUNTY, Utah – Sailboats are being pulled from the Great Salt Lake Marina Friday because there isn’t enough water.

Officials said water levels in the lake just aren’t high enough to accommodate sailboats but they have a plan. 167 more words


Saltair Pavillon, Great Salt Lake, Utah

As someone who grew up in Utah and has been to the Great Salt Lake many times, whenever I see images of people actually in the water, my nose automatically wrinkles and I say “Ewwwwwwww.” Maybe it was more pleasant then, but my memories involve horse flies, brine shrimp in my swimsuit, and a sulfur smell. 43 more words


suplemen kesehatan: Air Zam zam dari amerika

adakah yang tahu bahwa dibenua Amerika juga terdapat Air yang kualitasnya hampir sama dengan Air dari sumur Zam Zam di Makkah?

kita tahu air terbaik di Bumi berasal dari Sumur Zam Zam di kota Makkah, Negara Saudi Arabia. 498 more words


Visit with Arthur in Salt Lake City

When we got to Victor on the Saturday the 21st I had really wanted to leave for Salt Lake City the next day, but we found my car was leaking coolant yet again so we decided to take the car in on Monday to Teton Valley Auto. 1,015 more words

Road Trip

On a Whim

Hey kids,

We really weren’t  too sure what to do this evening. It neared 5:00 and it seemed a shame to give up on the day so early. 97 more words


Uniquely Utah: The Spiral Jetty at Great Salt Lake

In this week’s edition of Uniquely Utah, Todd Tanner takes us to a unique attraction on the Great Salt Lake that was built in the 70s but spent much of the 80s and 90s submerged beneath the water. 50 more words


March 17, 1804: Is That a Shillelagh in Your Pocket?

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, a major holiday for the Irish and for nonIrish hangers on who just want to drink green beer. There is precious little celebration of jolly old St. 265 more words

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