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The Book on Mormon

The Conejo Valley Interfaith Celebration of Thanks has attracted Mormon participation in the last few years. As a recent schism, the Church of the Latter Day Saints (LDS) appears to feel obligated to broadcast its political alignments. 938 more words


What Does It Mean To Give Thanks?

For me, Giving Thanks means to sit in the seat of Gratitude and look out at the many gifts and Blessings in my life … and there are many. 193 more words

Real Men #PoeticallyInspiring

Title: Real Men
Artist(s): Harry Baker

Stay Safe, Stay Blessed.


The Divine

If I had a blog, today I would write about the reason I don’t refer to The Divine as “God.”

I am not an atheist. I believe more than ever that behind the thin veneer of our mortal lives exists a divine power; a creator of life and guiding light for those who choose a spiritual path. 334 more words


Words to the Wise?

From a lifetime of reading the one person historically  I most resonate with in terms of similar beliefs / understandings is Carl Jung. There are far too many to list so I will just concentrate on one for now. 259 more words


Our Innate Spirituality?

Many religions / spiritual paths suggest that spirituality is somewhere outside of ourselves, that is to say an external God or power. However many other trains of thought suggest nonduality and ‘oneness’ lead to a more definitive expression of a true spiritual experience. 1,333 more words