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divine love (troibun)

Listening to Al Green’s lyrics totally inspired her. For the first time she listened to these same words she’s played for years but today, she heard a different meaning. 492 more words


Ohútkȟaŋ Origins No. 842

Learning a new language can seem a daunting task. But when the language is related to terms, phrases, and words in a known language it becomes easier. 6 more words


Kinship With All

From Waken Tanka, the Great Spirit, there came
a great unifying life force that flowed in and
through all things-the flowers of the plains,
blowing winds, rocks, trees, birds, and animals… 279 more words


Musings from Meditation: Deep Sea Diving

​I went real deep, like swimming in an ocean of the collective consciousness and was seeing all kinds of lights and colors and what looked like figures and I was told to open my eyes. 1,136 more words


Thundering Thursday

Always seek perfection through becoming impeccable.  Find the inner truth which leads you into proper alignment with all things within the Everything, allowing you to come into harmonic resonance with the ancestors and the Great Spirit. ~ SwiftDeer



Armin van Buuren vs. Vini Vici – Great Spirit

Armin van Buuren vs. Vini Vici – Great Spirit

Armin van Buuren, prolific trance and progressive DJ as well as the only five time winner No. 118 more words


Wild Goose Island

“Love is the foolishness of men, and the wisdom of God.”
Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Legendary Wild Goose Island sits in St. Mary’s Lake in Glacier National Forest in…

163 more words
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