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Fight, Resistance and Basics

I was in tenth grade, relaxing with friends in my high school quad, when two rival gang members hurtled toward us. Of course I had seen school yard brawls, but this was different. 521 more words

The Lull

I pull on my orange jacket and urge a reluctant dog out the door. The wind nips and the oak tree, clinging to its brown, dry leaves, rustles like an understated musician brushing at her drums. 1,989 more words


Great Teachers Focus on Students First

This is one of my favorite quotes so far from What Great Teachers Do Differently by Todd Whitaker. We’re reading it right now in our… 608 more words

Teaching Tips

The Thing About Teaching

This is such a broad topic, and I have wildly strong opinions about education in general and specifically about teaching.  But I’m going to focus here on the month of January. 656 more words


A Great Teacher. An Iffy Book.

I’m a skeptic. Being a skeptic, I try to think critically about extraordinary claims. I want to assess the strength of the evidence for such claims before I accept their veracity. 995 more words

The Good Ol' Days

Reach The Top

I can’t remember Laverne’s face, only her legs. But that makes sense, because standing tall, I came up to her knees. I was two years old and I adored my preschool teacher. 546 more words

Girl Power