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3260-What are the best attributes of a good teacher?

Which characteristics and qualities should a good teacher possess?

These are some that I researched:

  • Friendly
  • Good Personality
  • Knowledgable
  • Good Communicator
  • Good Listener
  • Good Sense of Humour…
  • 93 more words
Ted Talks

Challenging The Status Quo - Women, Chess, & Spatial Thinking

Thirty years ago, László and Klara Polgár, two Hungarian educators,  decided to challenge the status quo that created the train of thought that stated women cannot succeed in areas requiring spatial thinking, such as chess. 444 more words

Building Your Personal Brand

How one teacher can change your life (Mr. Sandford)

I hope everyone has a story about how out of the blue someone has redirected and inspired their life. For years I regularly think about how fortunate I was to have Mr. 428 more words

The Teacher at the End of the Sidewalk

Childhood is difficult, but childhood for a shy child is excruciating. I had a teacher who helped me, though, and I remember her.

My second-grade teacher was wildly enthusiastic, a cheek-pincher, a loud-spoken Greek. 437 more words

Great Teachers

What Great Teachers Do Everyday

Dear Teacher,

So I have told you much about my new position as a teacher this year.  This post is not about that, but I currently work at my district’s science center as a STEM teacher.   1,295 more words

Dear Teacher/Love Teacher

Do teachers have to have Super Hero DNA to be effective?

Thankfully, no.  It’s easy to feel that way sometimes, though – like we have to be superstar speakers with excellent elocution, more flexible than Elasto-girl, capped off with a patience that would make the biblical character Job seem a hothead. 474 more words

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Hey teacher - my kid is listening to every single word you say.

Pretty much the title here says it all. My daughter is a Junior at Bella Vista High School in Fair Oaks, California. The reason I’m blowing my cover and giving out a location is because I want to give credit where credit is due. 299 more words