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Mr Hynes

How many different teachers did any of us have throughout our childhood and adolescent years? Ten, twenty, thirty? And how many of those inspired us, moved us, helped to shape us into the adults we are today? 865 more words


Teachers’ Training Program - An Elixir of growth for Schools!

For the growth & development of every school, teachers play the role of a magical ingredient in it. Seasonal modification in educational spectrum demands modern setup of teachers who can train students according to the benefiting needs of learning. 252 more words

Education & Technology

Thoughts of an Old Man

I want to say something about teaching and learning.  I’m a retired “old school” teacher.  That description has both negative and positive connotations.  If it means one who is tied to the textbook, who assigns homework from the textbook, who uses the class time as recitation time for answers derived from the textbook’s suggested “questions for discussion,” if it means one who avoids both old and new technology, that is not me, nor was it me during my active teaching years.    378 more words


Three Main Aspects for Pre-service Teachers

“Great teachers are not born, they are made”

I again and again talk about Pre-service Teachers’ Preparation in order to be professional in their fields because of many reasons, including my personal observation as a part of Education Department students in the past. 690 more words


Sharing your passion

My daughter and two of her 5th grade classmates have created a history club. Tomorrow at lunch will be there first official club meeting. They’re expecting to have 30+ students. 286 more words

Children Inspire


Life is not linear. You are not looming towards old age, disease, and death. We are all buoyed in a perpetual state of exponential Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom and Wholeness. 1,431 more words

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Mr. Ghent and Mr. Loomer - High School Science Teachers

Dear Mr. Loomer and Mr. Ghent,

I have the pair of you to thank for kindling (or at least fanning the flames of) my life-long love of rocks. 779 more words

Dear Teachers