Today I wanted to share a re-post of quotes by the genius, Fyodor Dostoevsky, from Daily Inspiration.


Enjoy and be inspired!


Wishes From Friends And Lovely Thoughts

Thank You 

Thank God for giving blessed day,Thank my friends and bloggers sharing wonder full quotes and Bday wishes.

Here I’m posting some warm wishes from friends… 180 more words


Working on a Better Person

I have found that my personal development is vital to my enjoyment of life. In my experience, I am either getting better or I am getting worse. 80 more words

Great Thoughts

How You Think Matters

People seem to overlook their power to think far too often. We give away our thoughts to the past, the future, to mindless entertainment each day. 73 more words

Great Thoughts

Great Thoughts

“There are times when a man should be content with what he has but never with what he is”  ~William George Jordan

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Great Thoughts

In this world, each and every an individual is surviving their life not only through the basic needs of himself or herself. Every individual still needs a kind of thoughts and great quotes by which one can excited and will get an inspiration to survive their life.

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