Why Not Prescription Vacation Trips? Or Ship 'Em Off To Mexico

Another thought crossed my mind recently, although with only a few neurons firing at any given time the route has occasional traffic jams.
Anyway, I think I have uncovered another blatant case of ageism! 267 more words

Retirement And Beyond

'Tis a Pity

Recently, my thoughts lingered on the idea of self-pity. I already knew what it meant, of course. It meant feeling sorry for ourselves, right? Well, sort of, but there’s another way of viewing self-pity, one which I found especially convicting. 372 more words

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Here's some great thoughts on self-pity.

Best Thoughts and Quotes of the World

Book Title Best Thoughts and Quotes of the World: Lead an Inspired Life Author/Authors Name Shashikant Nishant Sharma ISBN No. 9781484014363 Genre Literature Language 94 more words
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Inspirational Quote of the Day: About the New Year

If you’re unfamiliar with G. K. Chesterton, you’re missing out on a treat. He was a very wise, funny, and inspiring man.

Rara Update

She has moved, again, though not very far this time… and she will probably be moving again shortly.  But, she could use some RawrLove sent her way.  60 more words