5 things Dr Abdul Kalam wanted students to do

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam will live in our memories as inspiration forever.His life, coming from a very poor background to becoming the Missile Man of India, the most revered engineer of the country, is a motivation for every student. 294 more words

Great Thoughts

Don't Worry

If all things come at the right time, then why do we constantly worry about the future? 141 more words

Great Thoughts

Three quotes I reread every day

Clarity, above all, has been my aim. I prefer a clear statement subsequently disproved to a misty dictum capable of some profound interpretation which can be welcomed as a “great thought.” It is not by “great thoughts,” but by careful and detailed analysis, that the kind of technical philosophy which I value can be advanced. 46 more words

Causing the Pain

We all have a choice each day how we are going to help or hurt the experience of other people. The decision to be kind, supportive, helpful and accepting is just as easy as choosing gossip, silence, judgment or cruelty to others. 41 more words

Great Thoughts

Want to think great thoughts? Then stop thinking

The mind can only think old thoughts. Things that it has learned and thought before. To think new thoughts, to have great insights, you must go outside the mind. 102 more words