You Are Great

From Mind Connections Today……. Greatness Considered

If you seek greatness look within yourself. All people can do great things in their own way. If you feel like there is no big project that is showing your greatness, look at the small things in your life and how you do them. 76 more words

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Enjoy the Dance

From Mind Connections Today……

Everyone has danced before and most of us at one time or another have enjoyed it. It is one activity that makes you smile when you are doing it. 177 more words

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Don't Fear Failure

Thoughts From Mind Connections Today……

Failure is feared by most people, but it shouldn’t be. Accepting failure as a final result of your effort should be feared, but failure itself is one of the most valuable tools a person will encounter on the way to success. 104 more words

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Read Books Now

Thoughts from Mind Connections Today……..

Reading is the greatest power that we have at our disposal. There has never been a greater access to knowledge in the history of mankind than we have right now. 107 more words

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Today's Possibility

Thoughts from Mind Connections on October 24th, 2015. 

Each day has an unlimited level of potential for us to experience and it is our conscious choice to observe it and accept it that allows it to enter into your life. 89 more words

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5 Tips For a Happy Friday

Thoughts from Mind Connections on this Friday….

There are a few things that all of us can do in order to have a happier Friday and a positive gateway into a great weekend. 193 more words

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