Fears Surround Me

Fear is all around me and today’s thought is on overcoming fear and moving forward. Fear is an inevitable part of life, and how we deal with it will determine our success and happiness.   106 more words

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You Are One of A Kind

Each of you is unique and one of a kind. That is your gift to the world and there are no limits to what you can accomplish. 37 more words

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Happy February Friends

It’s a new month and a new chance for you to build a dream, create a goal or spend valuable time in pursuit of both of these things.   38 more words

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Impossible Is Nothing

From the Helen Leslie Project…….Impossible is Nothing

Our lives are built on the foundations of our dreams and the story we live out is what happens as we build on them. 70 more words

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Be Who You Are

From Mind Connections Today………………………..

I think that all people at some time have the feeling that they just don’t fit in. It could have been in school, it could be at work or anywhere else in the world. 280 more words

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Choose Your Words Wisely

From Mind Connections Today…….
People seem to speak a lot without any thought for the impact of their words. However, each and every word we utter has an energy to it, which radiates from us and within us long after the words are spoken. 590 more words

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Lessons Learned In 2015

From the pages of Mind Connections Today…………

There have been many valuable lessons learned this year, but some that stood out and I was reflecting on today. 114 more words

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