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Coolest Show on TV

I found a really cool TV show.  It’s premise is that everyone has a story.  And, although it calls itself “The Ultimate Reality Show”, I do not think of it as a reality show.  167 more words

Out And About

Merry kills people rocks my socks off

MARY KILLS PEOPLE is my new favorite show. It is an epic and emotional story. I say try it. Move over NCIS and BULL. This Show rocks my socks off. 🖤


Great TV: Frasier

♪♫♬Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin’, tossed salad and scrambled eggs ♪♫♬. But of course everyone that’s seen Frasier would recognize this familiar line, which plays over the closing credits and is sung by star Kelsey Grammer. 3,144 more words


Great TV: The Riches

Listen: not every show makes it full cycle. Some shows fizzle out: it’s just what happens in the high turnover business of television. One day you’re the critical darling among a crowded slate and the next you’re cancelled after 13 episodes. 1,052 more words


Great TV: Spaced

Your 20s is a weird decade in life: being out on your own for the first time, trying to get a career going, and navigating the pitfalls of adult relationships without having much experience can be both exciting and frustrating. 2,410 more words