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Great TV: Spaced

Your 20s is a weird decade in life: being out on your own for the first time, trying to get a career going, and navigating the pitfalls of adult relationships without having much experience can be both exciting and frustrating. 2,410 more words


Great TV: Deadwood

Although somewhat difficult to imagine in contemporary times, for the majority of human history life was a brutal experience. Minor cuts could turn into major infections that could necessitate amputation or end in death; a case of the flu or strep throat could be terminal; violent crimes were difficult to investigate to any accuracy; might meant right most of the time; and there was little in the way of comfort from the elements. 1,901 more words


Great TV: I, Claudius

How easy it is to forget that people have always been the same throughout history. Even thousands of years ago, people loved and hated, desired power, feared death, and went about the daily business of living. 1,358 more words


Great TV: Parks & Recreation

There may be no more likable or positive show that has aired on television so far in the 21st century than Parks & Recreation. Although created by the same producers that adapted The Office for American television, in both spirit and characterization it’s the polar opposite of that other (far more popular) show, which was an often bitter–if not outright mean-spirited–single-camera sitcom. 3,965 more words


Great TV: Arrested Development

Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything–and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together. But enough of that already: this is the story of a ridiculous collection of human beings who fall apart and are ill-equipped to deal with the loss of their family’s good fortune, instead flailing absurdly in their downfall’s wake to great amusement of its viewers. 3,984 more words


Great TV: The Prisoner

Who is Number 1? If you are Number 6 this is a serious question, particularly since Number 6 asks Number 2 this question in the beginning credits of every episode of The Prisoner. 1,609 more words


Gender Confusion, Long Before It Was Cool

I watch very little TV.  My watching habits are usually limited to The Weather Channel, Fox News and The Food Channel. Yes, I am getting old and boring. 108 more words