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A Week Without a Picture

This is getting old…

Oh well, if you’re still reading, then perhaps the pictures weren’t the draw.

And to my dart-pal…  You know that drinking by yourself is bad for your health (so sayeth 2 In A Room).   14 more words


Getting Better (and Other Miscellanea)

Thank you for all the prayers.

My sister, who’s been undergoing chemo treatment for the past few months for breast cancer, had her surgery yesterday and everything seems well.   86 more words


Texas Snow Day!

Growing up in New Jersey I used to await snow days with much anticipation.

Of course, those were real snow days. By real I mean we would get a lot of snow. 74 more words


Back At the Dart

Here we go again…

My bro friend and I are having another exciting dart-challenge.

He did tell me that he’s not happy that “Bro I” got some kind of rhetorical top billing. Whatever that means.


Bro Time II

After years of lamenting not having a decent male friend with which to bond, I have found myself with not one but two “bro’s” to hang out with. 119 more words


There's a Shocker

Two pictures from my Saturday.

Make of them what you will.

My homeowners insurance company sent me these nifty 9-volts for my smoke detectors.

Thanks to a club savings thing I got really cheap fuel tonight.