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Texas Snow Day!

Growing up in New Jersey I used to await snow days with much anticipation.

Of course, those were real snow days. By real I mean we would get a lot of snow. 74 more words


Back At the Dart

Here we go again…

My bro friend and I are having another exciting dart-challenge.

He did tell me that he’s not happy that “Bro I” got some kind of rhetorical top billing. Whatever that means.


Bro Time II

After years of lamenting not having a decent male friend with which to bond, I have found myself with not one but two “bro’s” to hang out with. 119 more words


There's a Shocker

Two pictures from my Saturday.

Make of them what you will.

My homeowners insurance company sent me these nifty 9-volts for my smoke detectors.

Thanks to a club savings thing I got really cheap fuel tonight.


Why I Love America

Boy if this isn’t a “first world problem” I don’t know what is. A few years ago I wrote a post on another blog wherein I took a lighthearted jab at Jenner and a random man commented about how awful a person I was. 6 more words